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Written on Friday, July 6, 2018


Some time ago I decided to use only organic cosmetics. And it was pretty easy to do it with shampoos/conditioners, moisturizers, body gels, exfoliators, but absolutely difficult with makeup products. At least I find it difficult.

This is logical that once I saw this bright and unusual design of a mascara in a stand I quickly decided to buy it for me. But for a long time I used to look at it, not actually being brave enough to finally grab it.

It was also a tad difficult to make me write a review of this mascara, because I usually take photos only for myself. So, please, don’t be too strict with your judgments. Smile

This Origin FakeOut Mascara is actually my first product by the Physician’s Formula brand.

I’ll try to explain my impressions of use of it and also tell you why I assessed it this way.

Let’s start with the Physicians Formula brand.

Physicians Formula is a cosmetic brand, which was established in 1937, by Dr. Frank Crandall, an eminent allergist. He created one of the earliest beauty line products in North America and has over the years changed the face of cosmetics industry, the world over.

Physicians Formula brand has come to be associated with some of the finest and latest products in skin care, makeup, nail care, eye care and more. It is made especially for sensitive skin. Physicians Formula has become, somewhat of an expert, in the field of bringing color correction, to the women consumers.

What’s more, the brand doesn’t test on animals. So cool, isn’t it?

Why are the Physicians Formula products so special?

From its foundation day, Physicians Formula has maintained its pledge to create and offer very high-quality, hypoallergenic skin and make up care products. The company has always committed itself to producing innovative products that meet customer’s beauty needs and at the same time keeping the more rigorous standards of the cosmetic industry in mind. So much so that, many of the brand products are very gentle and are specially sought after and recommended by leading dermatologists, plastic surgeons and allergy specialists.

By the way, this product can easily become a gem of your vanity/pouch or any other place you keep your makeup. If you like bright and beautiful packages (tubes, bottles, etc.) then I highly recommend you look at this brand.

I’ve never seen such creative and original makeup packages before. They are all really bright, cute and eye catching. You can fall for the design already, let alone the contents. And taking into consideration the fact that the products are natural and hypoallergenic, well, nothing to add here, just take a look at the brand as well. There’s always a selection of products to choose from.

Physicians Formula has always differentiated its products by addressing skin imperfections by way of a problem-solving approach, rather than concentrating on the changing beauty trends.The brand products always focus specifically on everyday cosmetics needs and offers excellent face powders, the bronzers, good concealers, the blushes, effective foundations, beautiful eye shadows, the eye liners, brow makeup and of course everyday use mascaras.

The brand has some lines and my purchase is from the ORGANIC WEAR collection.

  • 1st EVER mascara with 100% natural origin lash extension fibers for the full-on fringe of false lashes without irritation.

  • Innovative formula amplifies lash volume, length & curl.

  • Oversized brush creates a fabulously false lash effect instantly!

  • 100% of the Total Ingredients are from Natural Origin.

  • 70% of the Total Ingredients are from Organic Farming.

So, the 100% Natural

Origin FakeOut Mascara

Weight of the product is 7.5g. Made in the USA. The mascara was covered with a cardboard box. Unfortunately I haven’t taken a photo of it and threw it away because I couldn’t even have guessed that one day I’d write a review of it.

I haven't gotten used to posting pictures of me online. Smile

The weight of the package - 25g.

Thanks to the natural ingredients, the product doesn’t provoke allergy and only takes care of my lashes. I’ve never had watery eyes with this mascara on.

So now a few words about my lashes. They are pretty fair and I don’t ever leave my home without mascara on.

They are also short, by the way. This is why I usually buy mascaras which promises a “false lashes effect” or “coal-black coverage”. Usually it’s something I can’t get by without.

Will you agree that usually lashes, which aren’t covered with a super “false lashes” mascara, look pathetic? Sorry for my unneat eyeliner, I was in a hurry for work.

And now, my opinion about the product.

It has a good black color, not gray, but coal-black. On the first go! It’s such a huge advantage!

The brush is convenient, I understand that not everybody will like it, but I do.

It doesn't flake off. I apply it 7-8 AM and washed off at about 10-11 PM. And it has never flaked off or imprinted on my lower eyelids.

The formula doesn’t make my lashes stick together, even if I apply three layers of it!!! - the pictures are below.

It also gives a good separating effect - you can see it in the photo below.

It’s very convenient to apply, even on my lower lashes.

And now the things that really surprised me. First of all, it’s an unusual texture. When I opened the tube for the first time I had a thought that I grabbed an old and dried out mascara. I'm more into those mascaras which stain the brush with the formula. Usually I even have to wipe the undesired amount over the rims of the tube, but here the texture was absolutely different. I don’t even know what words to pick to describe it. The consistency isn’t runny and thin. There’s no unwanted amount sitting on the brush when I open the tube.

It feels as though that the brush itself is black and doesn’t have any mascara on at all. By the way, the brush is pink (there was a small spot which wasn’t stained with the mascara)

The texture is really lightweight, like of a creme-souffle and it’s also pleasant to the touch (like a nicely milled powder). I don’t feel it present on my lashes at all. It’s impossible to take pictures of its texture, so the only thing that you’ve left is to take my word. Smile :) Smile

The mascara doesn’t dry out or set on my lashes. Have you ever touched your lashes some minutes or hours after mascara application (especially if you applied several layers)? I think you understand what I mean. Your lashes will be stiff and not elastic at all. But this mascara is different! The first day when I was wearing it I rubbed my eyes a few hours after the application and thought that I forgot to apply my mascara at all. I run to a mirror quickly to look at my lashes and they were still there, but really pliant and elastic (as though they weren’t coated with mascara at all).

I’m still head over heels with such a result! I do even believe now that such mascaras can really prevent lashes from drying out and breakage.

And now, the main con of the product is actually the false lash effect.

Honestly, buying a mascara with such promises, each time I still hope that my lashes will really look like falsies.

But, let’s be honest. If you lashes look like mine, you’ll never get it. There wasn’t a mascara to turn my pathetic lashes into something that looks like faux. And this mascara by Physician’s Formula isn’t an exception either. I haven’t received the promised results.

And now I want to show you the pictures I wrote all this huge review for. Smile

Usually I wear 2 coats.

or even 3.

To tell you the truth, I really liked this product, even though its promises doesn’t live up to my expectations. And I also want to believe that the ingredients used are really natural because they are wholesome for me and the environment. And I believe, despite that I haven’t received what I expected, I’ll still try some other mascaras (and beauty products as well) by the brand.

PS: I promise to add new info to my review and keep you updated on what happened with my mascara later.


So, now I really did it. I added some more information about this product. I hope that you’ll find it interesting.

Why have I decided to give it 1 star instead of 4?

As I’ve presumed, the product didn’t last long. It was enough to use within 2 months. Only 2 months, can you imagine?

I applied 2-3 layers every day. During that time there were only a few days when I hadn’t applied any mascara or used some other.

Other mascaras are usually enough to use within 4-6 months with the same spending. For the same money it’s possible to find a mascara which will last longer, though it won’t be organic and my lashes would be stiff again. But 2 months, guys, that’s too little!

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