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Written on Wednesday, October 3, 2018
Pros: a little bit goes a long way, convenient applicator, saturated black color, super thin applicator, wear time
Cons: can’t think of any

Hello pretty ladies!

I want to tell you about my must-have, an all-time resident of my makeup pouch Stylographic Fine Line Felt Liner from Sephora, which comes as a part of a newly designed collection, which is such perfection for cat eyes.

Wings are actually an essential part of my eye makeup look. That’s why my eyeliner must be reliable.

This liner won me over so much, that I keep on buying it again and again.

Price: $14

Size: 0.05 oz/1.5g


This Stylographic eyeliner is just a small babe in a black casing.

About a year ago (or so) the brand re-designed their collection and changed the appearance of this product.

Now the cap looks silver and the lettering on the case appears blue. However, you can still see the old version of the product in stores.

This liner from Sephora is probably the only product where I didn’t have to put up with its disadvantages, simply because there aren’t any.


1. Handy casing- Even though the Stylographic eyeliner is small, it’s still ergonomic and easy to use. It fits in my hands nicely and it never slides off.

2. The felt tip is thin and wear-proof.

I can say it for sure that this is the thinnest of the Sephora eyeliners and from other brands which I’ve tried.

A good tip is a basement of the product, which is impossible to draw a beautiful line without. The Stylographic offers the perfect tip (yes, it happens!). It’s rather resilient, yet at the same time not flimsy. Such tips are so convenient to draw the lash line, as well as fill in the wing’s tip.

The thickness of the line can be varied, depending on your preferences. You can create thin as well as thick lines with this liner.

Over time the applicator doesn’t turn into a felt mess with an abundance of bristles sticking out and still draws even lines. And it doesn’t dry out, even when there isn’t much of the formula left.

For a comparison: the first 3 lines are done with a liner which is one year old and the other three lines are done with a liner which is 3 months in use.

3. Bright and vibrant pigment- My color is black. It’s intense and matte. Even though I can see that the matte finish isn’t detectable here. Smile During the day the color doesn’t fade with makeup (of course given that you don’t wear it for 24 hours).

4. Staying power- Above the praise. From 7.00 till 20.00 it stays on and nothing happens with the color. The product doesn't crease or stain my upper lids. I want to draw your attention that I wear my makeup with a primer.

By the evening, the tip of the wing can lose some pigment but we know it well that nothing lasts forever. Smile

I think that it’s high time to show you the way I do my makeup with this liner:

Step 1.

I prime my eyelid skin with a makeup primer. It has to be clean and moisturized. I think everybody knows how to do that. 😁

Step 2.

I apply the primer and distribute it over my eyelid. I use a primer from Make Up For Ever. The primer smoothes out my skin texture and makes my makeup stay on longer. Besides it makes all the shades appear brighter over it.

Step 3.

I put a small dot on the left semicircle of my apple of the eye on the lash line.

Step 4.

I draw the line to the outer Vs on my eye, along the lash line, pulling the liner towards the outer Vs, making the line appear thicker there.

Step 5.

If I make a mistake, it’s still okay. I draw the line with strokes, pulling the upper tip of the wing. I do the same on my lower lash line. Here you don’t have to press the liner a lot.

Step 6.

Here I look at the wing really thoroughly to make out if the wing suits my mood and look in total.

I repeat steps 1-5 with my other eye.

This is how beautiful and neat my lines look within a minute:

With the Lancome mascara:

You will easily find your perfect wing shape if you vary the intensity and length of them.


Other makeup looks which I created with this basic wings:


#1. Here I prolong the shape of the wing to the outer Vs:

#2 Here the tip and the base of the line is prolonged to both sides:

#Hello East! (Don’t leave your house looking that way) 😁

My everyday go-to cat eyes (I don’t any use mascara):


5. How to wash off- On the liner body you can find “waterproof” lettering. And it’s partly true. Nothing bad will ever happen with your makeup if you get caught in the rain. Or if you cry a little. But you’d better not use it when visiting a swimming pool. Here the risk of damaging your eyeliner is too high.

The product removes with a micellar water, cleansing oil or with a cleansing milk easy-breezy.


6. Spending- This liner seems to be going a lifetime. I last bought it 6 months ago and it doesn’t even think of being used up (I use it every day, by the way). This old liner also works good (and don’t even start telling me about its shelf life and bacteria within 6 months of use) 🤔


So, the Stylographic Fine Line Micro Thin Felt Liner is my all time favorite. I don’t even think of changing it. I definitely recommend it for purchasing.


Thanks for your attention.

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Taste_with_Lera recommends Sephora STYLOGRAPHIC Fine Line Micro Thin Felt Liner

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