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Written on Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Hello. It’s rather strange, isn’t it? I gave this foundation 3 stars, which is more than a half and still I don’t recommend it for purchasing. It’s a very controversial product for me and I bought it spontaneously but discounted.

Outer appearance.

Well, a rather cute glass bottle with no frills to it. There a good pump with a safety cap. During the time of use nothing leaked or broke down.

Shade. What was the reason for me to come closer to the shelf where this product was exposed? Of course its shade! On the counter it looked almost white. And I can assure you that swatched on my hand it looked rather fair too. I was so sure that it would be a nice match for my complexion that I bought it the very day I first saw this product. The only thing is that I didn’t take into the consideration was that the light was electric in the store. And of course I was wrong with the shade. I have very fair skin so it becomes so tricky sometimes to find a foundation for me. I opted for the fairest shade in the line which was No - 00. Yes, this is the name of the shade. Honestly I’ve never seen a product before that had a zero shade number. This is partly why I was so sure that it’ll match my fair complexion perfectly well. Being at the store I thought: “If there’s a zero shade existing, then it should definitely be mine.” But I was wrong and the color turned out to be absolutely “not mine”.


The before shot:

The after shot:

I applied some product over the half of my hand. And I guess you can see the difference. In the first photo, my hand looked darker because of shadows, then in the second picture my hand looks darker because of this foundation. For a better result I’ll show you a closer picture:

And there’s not only the shade to blame. Look how badly the formula shows my skin relief. And the greatest disappointment hit me when I applied the product to my cheeks. You see, I have some peachy hair on my cheeks and guess what? This product makes it look almost black. I look as though I have a beard. (I didn’t ask the product to be my mascara but it feels as though I really applied some mascara over my face). The coverage of this foundation is rather thick and matte. This product will never work for those who love a natural finish in makeup. The foundation has custom coverage by the way. I don’t recommend you pack it over blemishes or anything as you’ll end up having a yellow spot on your face.

The bottom line

I’ll start with the positive things: the foundation is long-wearing. It stays on my skin for about 6 hours or so. It looks matte from the beginning and then it turns out to show oily sheen. It has SPF20 which is of no importance for me, anyway, I guess it’ll be fine for winter at least.

The size of the tube is average - 30 ml. The spending isn’t huge and for two months of use I used up almost half of the bottle.

And now the negative things: the product looks yellow on my face. By the end of the day it feels as though my skin is peeling off showing all the blemishes and disadvantages of my skin. The product will show all the blemishes, even those you didn’t even think existed. The formula is very difficult to apply with a thin coat. You know, it used to be a little bit funny when I found out that Korean women tend to whiten their complexions and make their face skin whiter while the neck skin still looks way darker. What am I leading to? The thing is that this product does absolutely the opposite. I give this foundation 3 stars only for the reason that it still can be a good match for those who are tanned or swarthy. And I can’t say that the product has some profound disadvantages, especially if you have normal skin type. But for me with my combination to oily and problematic skin type that suffers from enlarged pores and acne, this product doesn’t work good hence I don’t recommend it.

I wish we all had perfect skin, then any foundation would look ideal over it! As for me, I’ll carry on looking for MY ideal foundation and will enlighten you with my discoveries and fails.


Thanks for your attention!

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