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Written on Friday, December 1, 2017

Hello guys!

I’m obsessed with matte lippies, but I can’t stop trying something new. I would have bought another matte lipstick if I haven’t noticed Sleek Matte Me Metallic in the store.

First of all, I got attracted by its name: Matte Metallic. At that point I thought: excuse me? Is it a nod from the 90s? As soon as I tested the product, I understood that I was wrong. In the middle or in the end of the summer 2017 there was such a hype about metallic lipsticks, so now almost every brand has it.

I made some swatches and tested it in the store, but haven't purchased it, because the coverage was not thick enough for me. As soon as I realized that it can be used along with a lip pencil I bought it immediately.

The color range consists of 3 shades: Roman Copper, Rusted Rose and Volcanic.

I’ve picked up the shade No. 1043 Volcanic:

Volume: 6 ml

Shelf life after opening: 18 months, which is very good, as this lipstick is undoubtedly not for everyday use.

Country: China. I don’t care about that.

Design: The packaging is characteristic of the whole Sleek Matte Me range. The product comes in a transparent tube with a black cap. Through this tube you can see the real color of the lipstick.

The lipstick comes out effortlessly in small amounts.

Applicator wand: it’s a felt doe-foot applicator that is too coarse for me. Plus, it pulls and smudges the lip pencil. Nevertheless, it’s very convenient to use, as it draws a straight line.

Texture: The texture is creamy and somewhat fluffy. It’s not very thick, so it has to be coated if you want to achieve the color you see in the tube. It can be done easy-breezy.

Finish: The lipstick dries out quickly, but you still have an opportunity to correct the coverage, if necessary. The shade is metallic and matte for real. However, it doesn’t have this flashy and cheap glow and your lips won’t be visible from space. The shade is also not reminiscent of your parents’ youth.

The wear: I don’t feel it on my lips. It doesn’t dry out my lips. Probably I just got used to some rough formulas that make my lips taut and dry, but…this lipstick is definitely one of the most comfortable to wear, you can take it from me. The lipstick doesn’t flow. How can it flow if it dries out in tracks anyway? 😊

Wear time: The lipstick is long-lasting and you can safely eat and drink wearing it. It doesn’t leave any stains. If you apply the product onto a lip pencil, it lasts even longer. It doesn’t go patchy and the texture doesn’t crack on your lips over time.

Makeup removal: I had a little bit of a hard time removing it with micellar water, but it was so easy to remove it with oil-based makeup removers.

Now let’s talk about the shade in details. For me it’s a cold dusty pink color with a lilac undertone. It’s kind of a duochrome hue, which is more expressive in the tube than on the lips.


near the window
near the window
in the room
in the room

One coat: It hasn’t covered up my natural lip color.

Two coats:

The coverage gets thicker and more intense. But the applicator smudges the first layer of the lipstick. Nothing of the kind happens when applied with a brush. However, my aim is to show you this product without any tricks in this review.

Yep, the color is almost there.

Now let’s move on to the lipstick used with a lip pencil. The metallic lipsticks are so popular right now.

But you can stop purchasing hundreds of shades, but use one color only as a top coat. It applies well to lip pencils and some matte lipsticks.

Swatches of the transformation:

The applicator shamelessly smudges this soft formula. So use a brush for applying it as a top coat.

I’ll show you now the first and the last lip pencil in my makeup:

The first look is suitable for every day, but I loved the second black look. I’m not sure if I ever dare to wear it somewhere, but I’d like to try. I think I’ll do it next fall already.

In general, I’m very pleased with this product. It has pros only: long-lasting, easy to use, comfortable to wear, multipurpose and unusual.

The only gripe I have about it is the coarse applicator wand, but I don’t want to give it less stars for that. So, this lipstick definitely deserves 5 stars!


Thank you for reading!

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El Khvos recommends Sleek MakeUp Matte Me Metallic Lipstick

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