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Written on Thursday, September 19, 2019

This two-tiered eyeshadow from Tom Ford has been my huge love among makeup. I met it with the limited edition shade Paradiso which I’ve already used up a long time ago, alas. I’m still on a lookout for new products and for a rather long time couldn’t decide which product to fill my collection with. But eventually, I stopped on this one and I’m eager to tell you about it because my experience with Cream & Powder Eye Color is huge.


Price: $65

  • Packaging


Like any other high-end product, this one also has gorgeous packaging. It has a golden paper box. Given the color, the product doesn’t seem vulgar. On the contrary, it seems staid and attractive.

Inside, we have the eyeshadow. It’s a rather small and round package. The top of it is white plastic while the bottom is glass.


In fact, the packaging is rather handy and compact. It doesn’t take up too much room when storing and also is great for traveling. The upper compartment closes with a clicking top while the bottom is screwing. The entire mechanism is sound and has never let me down.



  • About the product

Size: 6.8g of powder eyeshadow and 2.07 ml of cream sparkle.

Honestly, speaking of this collection I can’t say anything about the colors there. I mean, even though they’re a part of the permanent collection, I can’t say there are many shades there. I mean, they always change them and fill in some limited edition shades as well. So, it’s rather hard to follow them. However, there are a lot of combinations and all of them (well, almost all of them) are pretty good.


As I’ve already said, I really liked the limited edition Paradiso shade. That used to be a very beautiful pink-copper shade with a gentle and super flattering undertone.

If Tom Ford releases it again, I’ll be one of the first in the line to buy it.

Now, I have it in the shade Young Adonis. As far as I know, it’s also from the limited edition color collection. It’s actually a two-tiered product with sparkling powder eyeshadow. Its texture is filled with myriads of shimmer. The lower compact offers a cream product which is kind of a primer.

Let’s start with the first product and have a closer look at its powder texture.


This shade is rather soft and glistening. I’ve mentioned that its texture is filled with a great deal of shimmer. Once it’s new, you may feel its texture between your fingers but over time it “wipes off” and gets much softer and smoother.


I always pick up this sparkling texture with my fingertips only and then apply on my eyelids. I’ll tell you more details about my makeup lower.

And this is the bottom compartment:

As you can see in the picture, this is a soft, a little bit brown and a tad copper shade with a warm undertone. Its texture is very much moussy.

It’s rather tough to pick up the creamy texture with a brush, so I also go for a fingertip application most of the time. Again, I’ll tell you everything lower.


The spending is rather minute, unless you’re a makeup artist, although even if you are, you’ll still appreciate how far they go. For personal use, this tube is more than enough.

No fragrance

No ingredients list analysis. Smile


  • Results

I use the cream product as a color base and a primer for the following makeup. This shade is semi-sheer on my skin and the color payoff is very gentle.

It appears beautiful on my eyes and really natural. This is the eyeshadow you’ll fall for if you love neutral-toned makeups.


I opt for the fingertip application but can also use a brush sometimes. A brush is a more difficult tool when it comes to this formula. I know that some may use a damp brush and they say it’s much better then.


The product can be used for daytime and evening makeup looks and look awesome. It always depends on how you work with it.

As a rule, I always set the cream base with the powder eyeshadow. The staying power is amazing, nothing creases. If it’s a “go out” makeup, I turn to the glistening sparkle. I apply it with my fingertip and then my eyes are beautifully accented and so shimmering. It’s noteworthy that the shimmer doesn’t fall out under my eyes when I wear it. No fading and my makeup stays fresh and beautiful for many hours.


You can always go for a softer finish (look through the picture lower) or pack the coverage for a more bright and bold look if you want to. Anything will work with it.


With a flashlight:

As for me, I love the natural finish and I don’t pack the Cream And Powder Eye Color, but I love it in my job so much. When I pat it on top of the cream product, the lower shade appears lighter, so the finish is so beautiful and glowing.

I remove it with micellar water. That’s a nice option for me. You can use any other makeup removers of your choice.


  • Overall thoughts

Obviously, when you buy the Tom Ford makeup product (any of them), you look at the price and think that it’s high. But when you open up the world of high quality and stunning makeup, it’s difficult to resist. One can wonder the affordable cream eyeshadow from KIKO or Wycon. We can even turn to Charlotte Tilbury which is also cheaper than this product. But come on, Tom Ford is Tom Ford and that’s the catch.


This is something I want to invest it. This is something that pleases me with the quality, gorgeous shades and fantastic packaging. I can’t help but recommend it!

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julia_tz recommends Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Color

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