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Written on Wednesday, May 3, 2017
Pros: even coverage, great colors, long-lasting

Hello everybody!

I’ve been searching for my ideal lip tint for a very long time, until one da my attention was drawn to the ideal one for me - Tony Moly LIPTONE GET IT TINT 04 RED HOT.

I bought it at the Tony Moly store in my city.

The size is 9,5 g. Translucent tube with a white protecting top. It looks like a nail polish.

It is sold in two-colored brand carton box, the top of which is the same color as the tint inside. Under the protection top there is another one, which closes the product with the applicator. The design is very neat which is quite rare for Tony Moly products.

Expiry date - 12 months after opening.

The applicator is long and wedged with a soft tip. It takes tint out very well and it’s very convenient to work with, just for drawing a contour as well as filling the middle zone.

Consistency and color:

It’s watery, liquid, isn't sticky.. It applies evenly and doesn’t flow out of the lip edges.

The color is bright and intense. I like classic red. For quite a long, I’ve been looking for a tint which would remind me of my favorite Dior Rouge Traffalgar.

The tint (on the left) in swatches in this lighting looks more orange in comparison with the lipstick (on the right), but on my lips I can’t make out the difference.

The comparison of the products.

Especially for you, I conducted a test on the long-lasting effect and noted everything that my lips touched:)

On the left - I just applied tint without lip pencil on moisturized lips.

On the right - an evening photo, approximately 6-7 hours of wearing, I didn’t reapply it, especially for this review.

Since the appliance I had breakfast with sandwiches, a cup of tea, 3 hours at a cafe (it’s when some great people gather together and try a lot of different coffee types, I mean during a few hours I drank a lot of coffee, water and ate a couple of pastries), kisses, a few pancakes and dinner with potato salad.

How to apply the product:

1. In one or a few layers with an applicator and you’ll get bright and intense color. But you’ll need to wait until it dries.

2. To get a more wash off color effect you’ll need to wipe the product away with a cotton pad straight after the appliance, paying special attention to mucosa as the tint goes and stays there best of all.

3. Take a small amount of tint with your fingers and pad it onto your lips from the centre to the edges. Don’t go out of the contour. In that way you’ll get the kissed lips effect.

You’d also better wash your finger straight after you applied the tint, otherwise it’ll stay there for quite a long time and will show you it’s long-lasting effect:)


  • it’s very economical
  • There are some ways to apply the product. If applied with an applicator you’ll get a very beautiful intense color.
  • It lasts on the lips very well.
  • It doesn’t leave spots on coffee cups and your beloved Smile
  • it doesn’t flow out of the edges even when it’s very hot.
  • I don’t feel it on my lips during the day.
  • It doesn’t dry out soft lips - as well as not moisturizing them. They just stay in the same condition.
  • It doesn’t require lip pencil
  • It’ll stay on your lips even after the swimming pool, sea, heat and gym (I checked)
  • I haven’t found any disadvantages while testing, just some peculiarities.

Peculiarities in appliance

  • It looks good only on lips which are taken care of.
  • It’s better to moisture your lips before applying the product with a balm or lipstick especially if the lips are dry.
  • I, as the owner of dry lips, usually do this: I use the lip balm, do my makeup, leaving the lips last, then remove the balm and apply the tint.
  • The faster you apply and the less layers you put, the faster the product will dry out.
  • It’s always better not to go out of the contour of the lips, as tint isn’t a lipstick - it’s just a liquid pigment with no thick coating.
  • It removes with micellar water or any other cleansing product.

Of course the product was slowly disappearing from the lips, but not as fast as any other pro-long wear lipsticks. You shouldn't expect that it’ll stay on your lips for 24 hours if you eat fatty food or something like this:) Of course, you’ll need to reapply it.

I like this product and I really recommend it to long-lasting lipsticks lovers. This product is very useful and multipurpose.

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Hipenjoy recommends Tony Moly Liptone Get It Tint

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