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Written on Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Pros: a little goes a long way, good color selection, i don’t feel it present on my eyebrows, it doesn’t have any red pigment, it looks natural, it’ll be good for a newbie, longwearing, the texture is fine
Cons: the product dries down over time

Hello there! Smile Beautiful and bushy brows are cult nowadays. They came to change thin and over-plucked brows forever. And this trend has actually made the beauty industry release an enormous amount of brow products to keep up with the tendencies: there are different eyebrow powders, gels, tints and pomades.

I’ve always had thick brows. Of course they aren’t perfect naturally, yet still I try my best to make them look shaped and brighter. However, I’m not the one who is ready for drastic measures, for example shave off one of my eyebrows and draw another. I always try to make them look as natural as possible.Laughing out loud


After I’ve tried almost all the brow products that were available to try, I quickly came to the conclusion that a brow pomade is one of the most convenient products for me.


I opted for the NYX Professional Makeup Tinted Brow Pomade because I love and trust this brand.

The jar is simple, cute and rather heavy. Brow pomades have a tendency to dry out, so it’s very important to close the top cap very tightly after each use.


Even though the color selection of the pomades is huge, it still was pretty tricky for me to choose the right shade for my brows. I mean my hair is blond (I’m naturally chestnut). And there wasn’t a pomade from the collection which was aimed for blond hair that suits me. They were either too fair or too warm-toned or truly red. Yes, it’s fair to notice that my eyebrows are darker than my hair roots.

Of course I wanted to swatch the product but the only store that has the NYX brand in my town either didn’t have all the shades in stock or the testers were always used up or dried down. This is why I had to look through the promo photos and according to them I actually opted for the # 03 Brunette color. And it was a 100% hit. This color suits my brows perfectly. #03 Brunette is an ashy gray-brown shade for me.


I don’t know why, but a lot of people shy away from brow pomades because they are convinced that these pomades are difficult to work with. I don’t agree with them. I still can’t make my brows look beautiful if I use a brow pencil, this is why I used to use eyebrow powders, which I applied with a wedged brush before I had found this pomade.

After purchasing the pomade I still use this wedged brush by Sleek for the application. So now I can state that this pomade is no way more difficult to work with than with a brow powder.

Texture-wise, the pomade is very pliant and easy to pick up with the brush. This is why it’s better not to press the brush a lot when picking up the product. Use a light hand to do it.

The product doesn’t have any scent.

You can draw anything with this NYX Tinted Brow Pomade - starting from naturally looking eyebrows and finishing with a thick Insta brows, varying the shade from the lightest to the very dark.

As I’ve already mentioned, I do have eyebrows, they aren’t bald or thin. However, the tip of my brow sometimes looks messy.

This is actually why I use this pomade - to correct that flaw. When I used eyebrow powder, it wasn’t actually convenient to fill in the tip of the brow with the product and I always had to dampen my brush. Eye pencils aren’t my kind of product at all.

The pomade is way better in this respect. A few strokes literally make my brows look decent and beautiful. I don’t make my brows look graphical and I don’t like straight lines, because I prefer them looking natural, drawing false hairs, right as I show you here on my arm.

So, let’s have a look at the BEFORE and AFTER results.

Here are some more pictures with this pomade on my brows:

The wear time of the product is fantastic - I can wear it for the whole day, even though I sometimes touch my brows (I have no idea why). The pomade doesn’t budge or disappear in the heat.

The fixation is for 3 stars out of 5. This isn’t enough for my unruly brows, especially when I use as little of the product as possible to keep my brows looking natural. I have to use a clear brow gel afterwards by another brand to keep the hairs in place.

Also, since the product is housed in a jar, which is opened when I work with it, it dries out, as many other brow pomades, alas.

I’ve never tried any of these options of reviving the formula, but I heard them saying that it might work:

  • keep the jar in hot water for some time;

  • add a few drops of oil to the formula (I deem this won’t work for the better in terms of staying power);

  • add some Duraline;

  • add some glitter primer by NYX


When I face the problem, I’m most likely to use the last option.

For me, this NYX Professional Makeup Tinted Brow Pomade is just a perfect product which allows me to save time when I do my brows and which also makes me feel confident because I’m always sure that my brows will look their best, regardless of what might happen.

I thoroughly recommend it! Love

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Infanty recommends NYX Tame & Fame Tinted Brow Pomade

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