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Written on Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Somehow I didn’t pay my attention to the lipsticks from the entire peaches collection. And it was so wrong of me.

It’s a pleasant bonus that the lipsticks look so heavy and luxurious in my hands.

And by saying “heavy” I mean both - weight and the way they appear. The tube is rather weighty and it feels like good quality and sturdy.

It’s pleasant to feel a great job done behind it. I can see a lot of effort and creative energy behind it (the very last moment, right before publishing this review, my collection was replenished with the third shade:)).

So, I managed to buy three lipsticks from this brand with a huge discount. From that moment on, they are sure to stay in my heart forever.

Unfortunately, the three shades are all different quality-wise. Yet still, even that factor doesn’t make them less cherished or used by me.

I opted for two rather similar shades and for one more, which is absolutely different. Pinky nude Sunday Fun Day, fair nude Doll Face and saturated vinous Love Is A Battlefield. Let’s have a closer look at each of them.

- Sunday Fun Day emerged to be my perfect nude shade, which I was looking for for so long. From the bottom of my heart, I want to assure you, if this lipstick disappears one day, I’ll go and buy it straight away. I adore it. And the thing is not only in the shade, though.

Well, I freaking love this peach engraving. It looks dope.

The texture of the product is the softest. It conceals my natural lip pigment and yet doesn’t crease or accentuate flaking skin. It dries down within 20 minutes and after that looks like my second skin. It doesn’t even stain anything, even when I touch something with my lips.

In a nutshell, I can highly recommend this shade without thinking back.

- The Doll Face shade is exactly the same as the previous one with one exception - the shade here is fairer and it looks good on me, only when I’m pale or put on bright and heavy eye makeup.

Sometimes I wear it along with the Sunday Fun Day shade, applying it to the center of my lips when the edges are filled with the darker color.

- Love Is A Battlefield has turned out to be a rather controversial product for me. You see, due to the darker shade, it requires more time and mumbo-jumbo to apply. I also can’t get by without a lip liner here and I always feel tired layering the product, applying it as even as possible.

But in the end, the shade looks so unique and wonderful, that I forget about all my objections.

The only gripe here is that it stains my lips and I have to sweat and toil to wash it off.

For me, this factor is a little bit confusing. Still, I feel like I have to take off a star for the difference in quality, which depends on the shade solemnly.

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janefro recommends Too Faced Peach Kiss Moisture Matte Long Wear Lipstick

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