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Written on Thursday, January 17, 2019

It seems that the Too Faced brand is slowly winning over my eyeshadow palettes collection.


This palette was actually presented to me and I guess that I’d never buy it for my own money.


The palette was packed with cardboard. Inside there was guidance on several makeup looks, which is a feature of the brand but I’ve lost it somewhere. It looked pretty cute and so girlish.


The palette is made of a thick plastic which closes with a sturdy magnet. These little peaches not only make the palette easier to open but also look charming. I appreciate the size of the mirror here. I use it all the time, it’s more convenient than ones from bigger palettes of mine.



Inside we can see a rather rare color selection. I heard the opinion that this palette is one-seasoned, which I don’t side with. For me, it’s a perfect go-to throughout the year palette. I can even say that it’s my magic wand. When I don’t know what makeup to put on, I reach for this palette.


The smell is not like of the Sweet Peach palette. This one smells like peach milky cream and more natural. Everyone I asked told me they liked the White Peach smell more. As for me, I love them both.




The matte colors are super dusty, yet they are very silky at the same time. They seem to be even satin to the touch. They all blend out with ease, except one darkest shade.

As for the pigmentation, the mattes here aren’t very well packed with pigments. Besides, during active blending, some shades can lose their color and pack badly. The shimmers are different in texture, almost all of them are very chunky and fly all over the palette.


A closer look at the shades:

I applied the mattes with my finger at first and then with a brush. The shimmers also have the third swatch, which was done damp.


1. First line:


1. Peach cream - off white matte shade. It’s pretty well packed with color. It’ll go well as a highlighter for matte makeup, for the brow bone and for setting the primer. It seems like such shades can be easily duped with a regular face powder. Yet, it’s still so convenient, when it’s provided in the palette.


2. Peach suede - gentle pink peach. Salmon shade, I’d even say. It’s a tad warm, yet not too orange.

3. Peaches and dreams - golden champagne. The application is smooth, no chunky beads there. Warm and nice accent for corners of the eyes or all over the mobile lid.

Swatches: the first Peach and dreams, the second Nectar from the Sweet peach and the third Spiked Eggnog from Gingerbread spice palette. Peach and dreams is the reddest among them.

4. Creme de la peach - red peach base with an abundance of golden flecks. As for the chunky shimmer, don’t worry about it. It falls out during blending, so you can use it as a matte color for sure.


2. The second line:


5. Peach sorbet - gentle ash peach, more preferable for darker makeups. The pigmentation isn’t the best, though the blending is fantastic.


6. Glistening peach - pink shade with a golden shift. Kind of Nars Orgasm shade, yet this one is adorned with some bigger glitter. It’s better to apply wet. Otherwise, it’ll fall out a lot.


7. Peach smoothie - matte pink, more cool-toned shade, which is white based. The shade is so dollish. Oddly enough, there isn’t any dupe of it in my collection.


8. Sweet fig - gorgeous shade which won the hearts of many people. It’s such a soft mauve. Surprisingly enough, I’m delighted with its pigmentation.

3. The third line:


9. Peach ice - cool silver shimmer, which is beautiful and bright. If you don’t overdo it, this might be a nice go-to eyeshadow for everyday makeup. If you want to make it warmer, not so warm as Peaches and dreams, though, then just blend them together. It applies with chunky bits but it doesn’t freak me out. It can also fall out, so make sure to pick it up in small portions.


Swatches: with the shade Frostbite me! from the Gingerbread spice. I love both of these shades, but this one is easier to work with.

10. Fuzzy - Neutral matte brown color. It’s too fair and it doesn’t do well for deepening the colors.


11. On the grill - matte dark charcoal shade, which is so tricky to blend. It’s more like an accent for my lash line. I also adore filling in my brows with it.


12. Peach passion - deep gray-blue shade with an array of pink and blue shimmer to make classy smokey eyes more interesting and complicated.


Multi-tasking: I was impressed when I found out how nicely this palette suits my face makeup as well:

How to use:

1. I love how the blend of Fuzzy and On the grill works for my eyebrows.

2. The shade Fuzzy alone is perfect as a contour powder.

3. Peaches and dreams in its turn is a gorgeous highlighter for warmer skin types.

4. The peach suede, peach sorbet, and peach smoothie are fantastic blushers, which are impossible to overdo with.


I can’t comment upon the staying power. I was wearing them all only for a few hours and they stayed on well during that time.


Makeups: the color selection here is user-friendly. You won’t have to be a guru of blending to use it. I can say that the palette doesn’t have any unnecessary colors, which is such a common occasion. Besides, I was so impressed when I saw the off-white and matte charcoal black in here.


1. Spring makeup- Peach sorbet and Peach suede to the crease. And then you can choose between fair mattes or shimmers for the mobile lid.

For the first look, I chose Peach cream and for the second one Peaches and dreams. The Glistening peach will also appear nice here. I blended out the On the grill shade along my lash line.


2. Mauve makeup- Peach smoothie and Sweet fig are in the crease. Again, choose a matte or shimmering shade for the mobile lid. In any case, this makeup will be very feminine and classy.

The first photo with the Peach cream, and the second with the Peach ice.


3. Smokey eyes- Fuzzy is in the crease. I blended out the On the grill very carefully from the lash line. It’s better to use a cream base beforehand. And then I sparkled all that beauty with Peach passion.


In this picture, I applied all the products over a primer. The blending was tough, which you can see yourself. If I dare to create black smokey eyes one day, then I’d definitely use the Peach Passion shade but the mattes I would take from other palettes.

4. For some who love it warmer- Creme de la peach and Peach suede to the crease. Creme de la peach all over my lid and all the warmth is done with the eyeliner.


Makeup example:

This winter I used this palette all the time. Most of all I apply the Creme de la peach and Peach suede blend to the crease and use Sweet fig for a deeper color. Peach ice goes on my entire lids.


Who can I advise it for: The White Peach palette will be a must-have for all fair-skinned gals, as well as all gentle makeup lovers, especially for the beginners. The matte shades here are perfect everyday wear solution and shimmers are rather unique and interesting. I use this palette every day and my makeup always looks in place.


And the most important thing is that it doesn’t take up too much time! I also appreciate the multi-tasking factor of the palette where I can fill in my brows with it, contour my face and apply highlighter and blusher as well.

However, if you’re a saturated pigment worshiper, then I can’t recommend it for you. After all, this palette is all over the lightness, not about boldness.

I assess it with 5 stars because I can see how much I use it and reach not only for its directed purpose. But still, for a moment, I wanted to take off a star because not everything is so perfect about it, given that the price tag is far from being affordable.




+ it’s multi-tasking

+ the color selection

+ pleasant aroma

+ paraben-free. Some shades are also talc-free

+ good blending (it majorly goes to most of the shades)

+ design

+ handy mirror



- fall out (especially from the shimmers). My palette is always dirty after use

- the pigment loses its boldness after blending

- the palette isn’t versatile and is mostly for fair-skinned ones

- the packaging is a dirt magnet

- price tag

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