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Urban Decay MOONDUST Eyeshadow - reviews

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  • Interstellar from Urban Decay

    msalina's picture

    For a very long time I was looking for bright golden eyeshadows. And when I was scrolling the UD official site, my attention was caught by these eyeshadows in the Moondust collection. I looked through all the colors and finally decided to grab the Interstellar one.

  • MoonDust Urban Decay are my faves!

    miamiolga's picture

    UD’s products are legends. Their Naked palettes have become famous and popular all over the world. So, I also have one of their products, which isn’t actually a palette but still very famous - an eyeshadow jar MoonDust in the shade #Solstice The product was packed in a cardboard box with some…

Type: Eyeshadow
Brand: Urban Decay
Category: Make-Up
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