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Written on Thursday, June 21, 2018

Hello dear readers of my review!

Earlier, I used to have a single eyeshadow pack from this brand, which I really liked because of the quality it had. This is why I decided to buy a full-sized palette the next time. And I actually did it. Here’s the palette of 12 eyeshadow shades, which are really dope and matte!


It’s called Naked Ultimate Basics

The palette was actually released a few years ago, but I bought it very recently.


The price is $54

I bought it from the official website.


Made in the USA

Weight - 12х0.04 oz .


Product says:

Urban Decay introduces Naked Ultimate Basics—the matte eyeshadow palette loaded into a sleek, square case with matte shades that have been requested time and time again. Each shade is exclusive to this palette and completely different from the shades in Naked Basics and Naked2 Basics. This palette offers a true range of neutral mattes, from cool to warm—all with a little edge. Create contoured all-matte looks, or pair these neutrals with your favorite bold hues.


The shades in Naked Ultimate Basics are neutral enough for everything from cool skin tones to olive complexions to darker skin. They feature Urban Decay’s proprietary Pigment Infusion System™, which gives the formula its velvety texture, rich color, serious staying power, and blendability. Achieve the perfect application every time for a matte look that radiates.



The product retails in a cardboard box, with all the necessary product info on it, including the list of ingredients, by the way.

The palette looks good quality-wise and it seems to be rather compact in size. Unlike many other palettes by Urban Decay, this one is square-shaped.


The top lid of the palette is adorned with the relief of sun beams which shine from the center of the palette. There are also the brand name engraved on the lid. All in all the palette looks awesome!


By the way, I want to draw your attention to the fact that the palette doesn’t collect fingerprints on the front, though it willingly does it on the smooth side of the palette. Yet it doesn’t make the palette look less beautiful or anything. Besides, it’s always easy to wipe. Wink

The top lid closes with magnets, thanks to the special hollow under that very lid. It’s super handy and I’m sure that my mani is always safe and sound. Smile

The top lid opens up 180 degrees. Inside, the palette has a big and convenient mirror.


They placed a dual sized brush here, as many other UD palettes: the bristles are synthetic, it has a dense pack, even cut, there’s isn’t a bristle to stick or fall out. Well, even though the brush was made in China, it still has very good quality. One side of the product offers us a flat wide brush, which will be nice to apply the eyeshadows over the lids as well as nice for blending. On the other side they give us a small round brush, which is convenient to use to apply the products along the lash line and for all the other small jobs, like putting on the accents. Smile


Let’s pass over to the most interesting - to the shades.



I’m obsessed with the matte finish. That’s why this palette is actually a gem for me.

All the shades from the palette have a name.

I’ll start with the left side there:


1- Blow

This is actually the fairest color from the palette. As opposed to the others, this one isn’t dead matte finish-wise. I can see that it has a little bit of a satin glow to it.

2- Nudie

Warm-toned body-colour, which is almost undetectable over my skin. The finish looks matte.

3- Commando

On the pan it looks almost like shade #2, though it’s more pink-toned. On my skin it looks like a whitened cocoa color. The finish is matte.

4- Pre-game

One more fair basic shade of cream color with yellow hint to it. Matte finish.

5- Extra bitter

Fantastic terracotta shade with matte finish. I adore such colors for autumn makeups.

6- Faith

Warm-toned light brown color, which is pretty versatile and basic. Matte finish.


This is how the products look on my skin. I applied them with the same order as described (1-6):


So now I’ll show and tell you about the rest of the shades which are placed on the right side of the palette:

7- Tempted

Dark-beige shade without any pink tones to it. The finish is matte.

8- Instinct

This is a cocoa color and unlike the previous shade, this color has some pink shade to it. The finish is also matte.

9- Lethal

This is a deep-toned saturated brown color, which is one of the darkest in the palette. It stands out because of its vinous base. It really reminds me of the Chanel Rouge Noire eyeshadow color. This is the same Rouge Noire but from the UD brand Smile .


10- Lockout

This one looks like #7 but it’s tad darker. It also offers a matte finish.

11- Magnet

This color stands out from the entire color range of the palette because it’s dark gray and matte again.

12- Blackjack

Matte black. Sometimes it looks like a really packed with the pigment dark brown shade. It’s nice to do the smokey eye effect with. I use it less frequently than the others, this is why it was pretty difficult to get it to sit on my finger. Shy


The shades on my skin:


As an example of makeup looks with this palette, I can show you the makeup I usually wear on a daily basis. It takes me about two minutes to do with the help of the shades Blow, Pre-game, Faith and Lockout:


As you can see, all the shades are truly basic and will always be in place for any occasion. This is why I believe that everybody should have this palette as a staple of their makeup bags. It’ll be very easy for you to do light and daytime makeup with this palatte, as well as dark and beautiful evening smokey eyes.


Quality of the shades:

What do I get to say here? This is Urban Decay!

All the shades are stunningly silky to the touch. They are pressed pretty tightly, though they dust a little when I pick them up with a brush. This is why I prefer to apply them with an eyeshadow sponge. :)The color kickback is excellent and I was really surprised with the pigmentation of the dark colors. If you apply the products with an eyeshadow sponge, then the pigment will look brighter.

This is why it’s very important to apply the tiniest bit of the dark shades and blend them out thoroughly.

The blending is easy and the staying power is bang-up.

I have oily eyelids, hence as eyeshadow primer is a must for me.

I use a product by Nars. And over this prime, the shades show really fantastic wear time. They never crease, fall out or fade. If I apply my makeup in the morning, I can be sure that in the evening my eyeshadows will still look as though I just applied them. That’s magic!


The only gripe is that right after the application, matte shades can accentuate lids skin relief. But this is what all the matte eyeshadows do, actually. Over some time, the relief seems to be less noticeable, since my eye skin is oily and it keeps on as it is.

I use the Dior cleansing oil for makeup removing and it beautifully washes all the products off my face.


I’m really delighted with this product! All 12 matte eyeshadow shades are of amazeballs quality! At the same time all the colors are basic and versatile. This is my Holy Grail palette and I’m utterly happy that I have it! Wink

I also recommend you have a look at this palette!

Thanks for reading my post! See you! Smile

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