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Written on Thursday, April 26, 2018

I've known the Urban Decay brand for a very long time already, especially their eyeshadows. I can speak for the eyeshadows and claim that their quality is just superb. Later on I started to buy other products by the brand like blushes, eye pencils, mascara and of course I couldn’t pass by the lip gloss.

I bought it in a set as the set price was lower than if I bought each product separately.

The price of the lip gloss now on the official site is $20.

Size: 4 ml

Shade: Sesso


As for the packaging, well, what else can be desired from Urban Decay? Of course the design is superb! There’s no bad details or anything about it. Everything looks perfect and as though polished with rose gold. The tube is difficult to scratch, though it’s very easy to stain with fingerprints. On the top cap you’ll find the embossed logo and on the bottom there’s the name of the shade.

It feels fab taking this lip gloss out of my purse.


As for the applicator, I can say that I didn’t like it. It’s thin and long. I don’t find it convenient to line my lips. I was especially upset when I found out that this applicator was a disaster when it came to my lips filling in with the product evenly.


But a lip brush saves the situation and applies the product perfectly well.



Fragrance. I heard them scolding the the aroma of this product. And you know, I won’t be an exception. The scent is so loathsome that I literally can’t stand it. While wearing, this scent fades away and there’s no odor to my lips anymore. I can describe this aroma as a mixture of black pepper and sweet mint (at least I see it like that) Smile


Consistency. It’s gooey and tacky. Yes, there are a lot of people who hate the sticky feel on their lips but I can assure you that you won’t feel this texture on your lips much. It gives such a long-wearing effect to the product.

I won’t advise you take the applicator out very quickly as the consistency comes out with it too. Once I even managed to stain my clothes with this lips gloss when I took the applicator out too rough and quickly. Smile

There are small shimmer bits to the formula. You’ll see them if you take a very close look. The shimmer is small and pink. I don’t feel it on my lips but it makes them looks very beautiful in the sunlight.

So, the consistency of the product isn’t gel-like (as it usually happens with semi-transparent or transparent lip glosses when it affects the wear time) but it’s more buttery, I’d say.


Wear time. The product offers a good wear time for the formula it has. On my lips it doesn’t feather, budge or crease, which is so nice. After a meal or a drink it fades a little though there’s still a nourishing effect on my lips.


This gloss is so nice to wear along with my primer by Tony Moly. Applied over this primer, the lip gloss looks brighter and the wear time becomes longer then.



The product looks different depending on where I am: in the sunlight or inside etc. And again, I think I have to say thanks to the shimmer here.

It looks so nice on my lips making them look beautiful, nourished and flake-free. By the end of the day, all the flakey bits fade along with the lip gloss if I wipe it off with a tissue. This product is so emollient!


I guess there’s mint in the ingredients, as right after application I can feel that cooling effect on my lips.

All the lip glosses of this line are very alike. Some are darker and some are lighter in shade.

I recommend this Urban Decay Nourishing Lip Gloss.

It is pricey, but it offers such a nice quality! Smile

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Akirra recommends Urban Decay Nourishing Lip Gloss

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