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Written on Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Pros: no
Cons: creases, it looks like a vaseline, not enough of shimmer, too much gel

Hello everybody!

This time my friend and I decided to become unicorns for a Halloween party! And a staple product of our makeup had to be glitter, of course. That’s why I advised my friend to grab this one to shine bright like diamonds. If only I could foresee that it’d be such a waste of money and that we’d use it only once in our lives.


Brand: Wet n Wild

Shade: E351C - Bleached

Price: $0.99



It didn’t take me long to put my eye onto this single because it was the cheapest one at the store at that moment.

There was quite a selection of shades on the shelf and my friend and I agreed that we want to use just a regular glitter with no frills. How wrong we were…


The glitter was packed well, I’d even say forever, that’s why you can be sure that there wasn't anybody to open it before you.

The front shows the Wet n Wild sign as well as the shade name.


The official website also shines with different colors of this product, so beware to face the consequences!


Go glam with this uber-pigmented glitter single. Infused with Vitamin E, its glitterati-worthy color goes on silky smooth, moisturizes skin, and blends like butter. And, it’ll stay put no matter what the night holds.



In fact, the Wet n Wild cosmetics is famous for being cruelty-free, which is also reflected on the sticker on the packaging. They also don’t use any harmful ingredients in their formulas.




Let’s open the pack and see all those sparkling particles and how beautifully they all shine there. I agree, it looks attractive, but only before the moment you start applying it. I have to be honest and state that all that glitter is only on the surface of the pan and if you “dip” more, you’ll see only scanty shimmer bits there and the rest of the product is just a transparent gel.


This gel is so difficult to apply. All the glitter that I took up with my finger stayed there and only the tiniest bits were able to stick to my eyes. And my brush didn’t help either. The situation was the same.


What did I expect to get from this glitter? I wanted to accentuate my makeup with it and use it on top of my eyeshadows for a shimmer boost. But what did I get in the end? The gel was impossible to distribute well no matter what tool I used, brush or fingertips. The texture is awful and it really reminded me of the cheapest vaseline, because of that dewy finish, that made my eyelids look as though covered with fat.

The product doesn’t set, that’s why it’s logical when it ended up creased on my eyelids and I could see all those nasty streaks.




I didn’t even need my friend’s opinion, as I could see it myself that I had to wash all that mess off. I felt so sorry to wash my eyeliner and eyeshadows, which I applied beforehand. I had nothing to do but to apply my makeup again. However, we still decided to give this glitter one more chance and applied it under our eyes and cheeks as the info suggested.


What do you think, has anything changed? No, it hasn’t. The glitter didn’t want to sit on the skin and the abundance of shimmer was still sitting on my fingertips. As for the cheeks, it didn’t add any charm or anything to them, they were just shining as though I covered them with the cheapest vaseline.



The good about the Wet n Wild product:


  • as for me, I haven’t found anything good here. Some girls like it and they can find a use.


The bad about this Wet n Wild product:


  • it creases;

  • not enough glitter

  • too much gel

  • it looks like vaseline.

I can’t recommend this glitter to anyone, especially if you want to use it as an accent for your eyes. You’d better opt for a dry-textured shimmer then!

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