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Written on Friday, June 8, 2018
Pros: convenient brush, unbelievable wear time for 3 days
Cons: it makes my lashes stick together, it stays on my skin like glue, no chance to correct mistakes, not for beginners, thick consistency

Hello there! Smile

Cat eyes are classy. And it’ll be true to say that I line my eyes each time I do my makeup. I love different eyeliners - matte, lacquer, glitter, blended out flicks, wings done with an eyeshadow. All these are essential in my makeup.


Most of all I love classic wings done with liquid eyeliner. Even though there are thousands of people who worship pen eyeliners and eye pencils nowadays, I still feel like they aren’t actually my cup of tea. I’ve tried to use them for many years, and even though I’m skillful enough, I still can’t do even and beautiful wings with these products, unfortunately.

Maybe the thing is that I initially got used to liquid eyeliners,

I was lucky enough because my first eyeliner was actually the Wet n Wild Megaliner Liquid Eyeliner (which wasn’t waterproof). And I can say that eyeliner was a perfect combination of handy brush and fuss-free use, accompanied with a perfect consistency of the formula itself.

And from that moment, I keep on using that eyeliner, even though sometimes I still do some attempts to change it with some brand new products and after all the failure experiments, I still come back to my trusty Wet n Wild.

But over time it gets more and more complicated for me to find it available at stores in my town.

This is why I actually decided to try this waterproof eyeliner by the same brand, because I thought that they would be very alike with my go-to eyeliner because they were of the same brand. I was so wrong, guys.

The design looks cute. The tube is actually good quality plastic, nothing cracks, leaks or vanishes.

I have my eyeliner in a brown color which is called #880 Dark Brown. It looks almost black on my eyes, though it still makes my glance look softer, rather than with a regular black liner.

The brush is as dope as the classic eyeliner. It has a very thin and soft felt tip, which is convenient even for the thinner lines on my eyes. The size of the product is also good, because the brush is convenient to hold in my hands.

Price: $3.99. The liner is affordable, this is why I decided to try it anyways.

I can’t make out any smell to it, though I’m fussy about its texture. Can you see how clumpy it looks on the brush?

Yes, the texture seems to be chunky: on the one hand it’s thick, but on the other it’s watery and I always have a great desire to mix the texture thoroughly. At first I used to think that the product was expired, but no, the expiration dates were fine. In the swatch photos you can see how clumpy the lines look. Somewhere it applies too thick, while other places aren’t covered enough with the formula. This is why I have to build-up the coverage all the time.

One more thing to note is that if you have voluminous lashes, then you have to be ready to face a problem when you do your eyeliner, it touches your lashes and makes them stick together afterwards. My mascara doesn’t want to sit on well over such “mixture” and only makes the eyeliner crumble along with the mascara.

Be ready to face the fact that there’ll be no chance to correct even the smallest makeup woes. If it happened so that you applied your eyeliner unevenly, be ready to wear it that way the entire day, because the product sets within seconds. All that means - the product isn’t for beginners at all.

Even me, who has been lining her eyes for years, I still do mistakes with this eyeliner, which are impossible to correct afterwards (because of that strange consistency for sure). This is why I use this liner only in cases when I’m sure that I have a lot of spare time for my makeup. It’s not the case when I’m in a hurry and have no time to outline my eyes perfectly.

The wear time is phenomenal.

You can test this product out in absolutely all the weather conditions imaginable.

I can’t also wash it off with my micellar water, special makeup removing wipes, or any other soap cleansers. Even a regular cleansing oil can still find this Wet n Wild eyeliner difficult to remove. Usual oils can’t do anything about it either. The only product that is able to remove it from my eyes is the A'PIEU Black Seed From The Black Cleansing Balm. I know that there are similar products available from Clinique, NYX, and Holika Holika. I deem that they’ll wash it off as well.

In fact, I used to wear this eyeliner for three days in a row, until I found the product to wash it off. I can’t say that during that time it still looked as though just applied, yet still, it looked decent, especially on the lash line.

I’m not actually ready for that, guys. I guess it’s bad for my skin to wear the eyeliner for three days in a row. I don’t know what component is actually responsible for such an impressive wear time, but I do believe that it’s better not to use it in the eyeliner and use it for our pavements, so as not to be washed away after the first rain each time. Big smile

Not an everyday wear option for me for sure. But there are some cases when this liner can be pretty handy, you know. For example, while travelling, on the beach, by the pool, or if you’re going to spend a few days in transport. Even if your other face products will decide to leave you, be sure that this eyeliner will stay on for good.

I don’t know how to assess this Wet n Wild H20 Proof Liquid Eyeliner and whether I should recommend it for purchasing or not.

It lives up to the promises of being waterproof. But it’s so much waterproof, that it becomes almost impossible to wash from the skin at all. Such wear time is a rare occasion and sometimes we may really need it. But how frequently? And here, I recollect all the downsides, which seem to be more significant for me than the advantages. I’m sure that there are many other better waterproof eyeliners in the beauty market today, this is why I give it only 3 stars and a thumbs down to this Wet n Wild H20 Proof Liquid Eyeliner.

Thanks for your attention, yours Infanty

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