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Written on Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Recently I became more and more hooked on brow pomades because I find them the handiest to use. In fact, I was pretty delighted with my previous brow pomade from E.L.F. but currently, it feels like it doesn’t suit me shade-wise.

That one is brown, while now my hair is totally black. That’s why I opted for the Wet n Wild Brow Pomade in the shade Espresso.

The back of the packaging shows the list of components:

As for the jar here, it isn’t big and there is only 2.5g of the formula. There’s a built-in brush in the cap.

I didn’t like it, you know. It’s soft and mobile, though if I do any wrong move with it, my brows look too amplified and thick.

I’m not good at soft brush blending, the color still stays dark and thick. After all, I’m more into stiff brushes.

I see this Espresso shade as a true black-ish color without any brown notes to it. The swatch on my hand doesn’t want to look good and applies with patches, which reveals that the product isn’t good for skin lining.


I want to show you this pomade on my brows in action.

My nude brows (one is more or less okay, while another is still a little bit bald):

Here I applied the pomade with the featured brush and my brows are too thick and defined. Too graphic, I think.

If I use another slanted brush with stiff bristles, I can blend out the color more and draw the lines less roughly.

Here are some pictures which prove that the color can be less intense and saturated. And yeah, if you want to get a more chestnut color from this shade, forget about it. Something charcoal and black is more real here.

The pomade isn’t easy to apply. If I don’t use a good brush, I risk of filling in my brows with clumps and patches. I have to wash the featured brush each time after use because it gets rough and impossible to use later. Well, at least try to wipe it off over a wet tissue. I can’t say that it’s a significant drawback but still, it’s unpleasant to face.

I can touch-up with a wet tissue, especially in the arch of my brows if I applied the product wrong but still, the color blending remains a problem.

The formula doesn’t stand out with its lasting power. Moreover, I can recommend wearing this product when it’s hot outside. However, if you love wearing hats close to your eyebrows, forget about it with this pomade. The very first time when I smudged the product was when I was wearing a hat.

And yeah, I smudged the set product, not when it was immediately applied.

In general, if you don’t rub your eyebrows and it isn’t hot outside, the product will stay on till the end of the day and it won’t look too patchy. But if my day is busy and active, there’s a chance of coming home with only half of my eyebrows on. Well, my hat can also help me in destroying my makeup. ==========================================================================

I don’t like checking my makeup all the time, I prefer it when I can forget about my face. So, the staying power of my makeup is an issue for me. Here, it doesn’t show anything good…

That’s why 3 stars…

And before leaving, here’s a piece of a selfie, where my eyebrows are filled in with this brow pomade.

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