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Written on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Hello there! Smile

It’s time to tell you about this YSL Kiss & Blush duo.


Honestly, when this collection was released for the first time, I managed to remain indifferent to it.

That’s why I bought my first product from it only a year on... Actually, I didn’t even think I’d use it because I bought it for a present (#8).

But, I’m a bit greedy and I couldn’t present it. I love everything new and I decided to test it out because the color seemed to be so advantageous.

And then, it was Love! I applied this thick and matte texture over my lips and was stunned by its beauty!

The shade seems alluring but not too vibrant, rather natural and smelling like a watermelon. And it looked perfect even over my chapped lips. It felt like it was jackpot that I’ve found such a treasure for me.

  • #8 - is a multi-tasking gorgeous shade. This is my favorite. It seems to be so flattering to everyone.

  • It applies rather good even over my non-perfect lips.

  • The coverage is pigmented. One coat is already enough.

  • The formula is buildable and you can pack the color to a more juicy shade.

  • My lips look matte and satin, yet not dead matte like with a liquid lipstick on.

  • This matte effect disappears if I pack the coverage. Sad

  • The shade is natural!

  • The blending is great. As promised, the product can be used as a blusher and even as an eyeshadow (I mean this very shade #8).

  • It budges over time and doesn’t look as perfect as before. But the problem can be easily solved with my lips rubbing together. Such difference isn’t detectable from afar.

  • WARNING! Don’t leave the tube open for a long time. The formula will dry down a little (I guess there are some hydrating ingredients which evaporate) and the product won’t be as awesome as before. The texture will become more tacky and dry to some extent. It won’t ever look the same over dry lips as it used to.

  • A few words about the applicator. It’s unusual but I find it nice to work with when I apply it over my cheeks and lips. However, there might be some difficulties with lining my lips, though it’s still possible to get used to it.

♥♥♥ After that, I purchased shade #5:

  • So, what do I have to say? It’s awesome too! Smile It’s more vibrant and better pigmented.

  • When I apply it with 1 coat of average thickness, the coverage looks more satin-like, rather than matte.


  • It conceals all my lip blemishes. My constantly chapped lips look vibrant, healthy and hydrated!

  • The formula allows me to go overboard so as to touch-up or visually add some more volume to my lips.

  • When I pack the coverage, the product looks perfect, bright and glossy-satin, as though I applied a creamy lippie, which is deprived of that nasty greasy oily sheen...

  • The product doesn't appear matte, yet I love it! Smile

  • Feel free to apply it over your cheeks. As for me, it looks too bright.

  • From afar:

  • If you want to get that matte finish, then blot your lips with a tissue. Honestly, I hardly ever do so because I’m not a fan of matte textures, I love everything glowing. However, I had to do so for my review. The pigment is there on my lips and the coverage is super matte.

  • Even though the color is muted there, it’s still awesome!

  • Matte lips from afar:

  • The results:

1 coat - satin

2 coats - glossy

M - 2 coats+blotting = perfect matte

♥♥♥ And the last, I hope not least is the shade #18. I was chasing it for so long.

As far as I remember, it’s from a limited edition collection.

Why did I want to get it so much? First of all, I wanted to find a good hybrid of the shades #5 and #8, which would merge with my skin, yet not too much. And secondly, this is the only shade from the collection that seemed to have some shimmer infusion to the formula.


  • I mean, it wasn't only cute and beautiful but also infused with shimmer and matte at the same time. I was too curious to find everything out.

  • And what’s in reality? In reality, all those shimmering particles are invisible on my lips. I mean they are more for light reflecting, so the coverage looks more silver and satin.

  • Out of all the three shades that I have, this one is unexpectedly the least pigmented. I mean it gives good coverage on the first go but not as pigmented as it looks in the bottle.


  • The shade is super beautiful: pink-red with a hint of coral.


  • It doesn’t show any glossy finish if I layer it, as the shade #5 does. In general, the product remains matte.


  • It doesn’t become vibrant anyway. And since the texture of it is a tad different, it doesn’t conceal my lip blemishes as well as the other two colors.

  • Full-on makeup look from afar:


♥♥♥ The bottom line!

The good:


  • Unique and cute packaging - I can see the color through it

  • The consistency and texture are pleasant - they are special for me, I haven’t ever met anything like that

  • I can pack the coverage and vary it

  • The coverage feels lightweight and comfortable. It doesn’t distract me throughout the wear

  • In general, it’s real to outline my lips with the applicator, which means no need for a lip liner

  • The products are multi-tasking. They blend out well, never crease and work well as lipsticks, blushers, tints, and eyeshadows

  • The color selection is awesome and wide

  • The applicator isn’t bad


The bad:

  • It’s tricky to take out the product when there’s not much of it left due to those square-shaped bottles. It can also flake off on the edges

  • The formula dries down and loses its properties over time

  • Not all the shades look always matte

  • The formula isn’t long-wearing

  • The price is high ($40 for an item)



  • I liked these babes but the pink one is too matte for me. As for the red one, I don’t use it often and want to sell.

  • But, I still can recommend them for purchasing! Now I know that once mine dry down, I’ll buy more natural looking nude shades for me, which I’ll use with great pleasure!


Thanks for your attention to my post!

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