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Written on Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Hello, pretties!


I can’t envision my life without cat eye flicks. I adore them. Of course, there are moments in my life when I don’t wear eyeliners at all but it happens so rarely. When I saw this Zoeva Cat Eye Pen in one of the goody bags, I was so overwhelmed! First of all, a liner is always a must-have for me. Secondly, Zoeva products can be ordered only online and the third is that this liner was included there as a present. It just seemed like all stars aligned.

Price: $9.80

Where to buy: official Zoeva website

Size: 0.03 oz

Made in Germany

Shelf life: 6 months of opening


I want to compare the designs of this product with the Maybelline Hyper Precise All Day Liner. Well, guys, they are just twins! I also found out that they not only look almost the same, they also have the same amount of formula. Both were manufactured in Germany and it really looks as though in one and the same factory. However, there’s still a huge difference between these two.

The Zoeva liner was packed with a black matte box. Simple and alright. There wasn’t any protective tape. The box is rather thin by the way and it suffered while transporting.

General information and ingredients list:

Design- It’s black, glossy and beautiful. The product has a handy narrow special place for a more convenient grab. The design is okay. Many eyeliners look almost the same-designed in the market.

Shade- Blackest black. Oh, God, save marketing. The color is plain black actually. The pigment it saturated, though it isn’t pitch black indeed.

Tip- It’s felt and thin. However, it’s so STIFF! It doesn’t bend at all and it feels like I’m using a regular pencil to draw lines on my eyes. Well, of course, I exaggerate a little, but still, the product is so unpleasant for my skin! It doesn’t glide and I have to draw the lines in dots. Forget about the one move cat flick. Don’t even try to do it. Probably it’ll go softly if your eye skin is perfect and super smooth but an average person doesn’t have that. That was actually the reason when I avoided all eyeliners for some time in my past. And here, using this one, I felt so nostalgic. That was unpleasant. To top it off, I have to say that the tip of the liner had dried down within 2 weeks. And I have to draw with its sides.

Texture- My eyeliner is liquid, which literally streaks during application. And yes, it finds the skin texture and performs like this:

It looks more or less bearable over eyeshadows.

Finish- Dead matte.

About application- This process is tough and flawed, due to the applicator of course. It doesn’t bend and dries down. It goes so badly over matte eyeshadows, I always have to stop and wipe off the products from the tip. The process is smoother with shimmering eyeshadows.

In the end, after a 10-minute trial, I managed to get this result. By the way, I have to go twice there to get the saturated black color. Usually, it takes me merely more than a couple of minutes to do the liner but here I spent 5 times more! It’s so frustrating. No one will want to bother so much with an eyeliner, especially in the morning.

A few days later, I just gave up and cut off that dried tip a little. However, it didn’t influence anything. The product remained as lousy as before! All that was in vain.

Staying power and the liner in action- Oh, it isn’t terrible by the way. In general, even within 12 hours, I can still see it present on my eyes:

Yes, the outer V doesn’t look its best and it's smudged. But from afar, the liner appears more or less okay. However, that’s still not beautiful, is it?

And yeah, this liner isn’t waterproof, not even wear-proof.

Makeup removal- Micellar water will take it off with ease.


Instead of a conclusion-

The good:

★ Matte finish

The bad:

★ The felt tip is terrible. It’s stiff and too dry

★ You’ll have to layer the coverage to get the blackest black color payoff

★ The applicator always magnets too much of my eyeshadows

★ It smudges by the end of the day

★ If you apply if over your nude eyelids, then the formula will feather

★ It doesn’t fetch more than a dollar


Maybelline eyeliner wins in all the respects: staying power, applicator, texture, price and availability. Why do I have to pay more? To get THIS? Is it really a best-selling product? Honestly, I can’t get it. Never recommended!


Thanks for your attention!

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