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Written on Friday, October 6, 2017

The product is housed in a square 15ml bottle which is typical for all the ANNY nail polishes.

The brush is of middle length, it’s thin and very easy to work with.



The product seems to be purple but it isn’t actually. I’d describe it the following way: dirty blue colored jelly with some hues of rain and fog and abundance of different sized bright lilac shimmer particles. :)

I don’t like the way it looks if applied with one layer. If I apply two it looks way better:

It dries quickly, doesn’t flow out of the edges and has a good ability to even out the nail plate.

I like to apply the top coating over this nail polish as the shimmer particles are too big and are always rough to the touch. Of course it doesn’t eliminate that roughness completely but still it helps.


Moreover the top coating adds gloss and shine to the finish.

The staying power with the top coating as well as without it is almost the same. A few days after I applied it, the nail polish becomes a little bit worn-looking but chip-free. I haven’t worn it for more than 4 days so it’s difficult to say what might happen with it for more days of wear than stated period.


Shots of the products worn for 4 days. You’ll see those worn areas only if you look very close. That’s my number one finger which is always the first to look weary. I mean there are less blemishes on my other fingers.


This nail polish is difficult to remove. That’s the only drawback about it I presume. To remove the product I use the nail lacquer remover and some pieces of foil. It takes me 10 minutes to remove everything.


By the way I never apply 3 layers. Of course it’ll make the product look brighter but the process of removing will turn everything into hell. So, no thanks, two layers are enough for me.


The product is beautiful and it’s very good quality-wise. The problem of removing is the only one, which I personally give no significance to. If you do, then you probably should toss this product. I don’t know anything about any other ANNY nail lacquers. The quality of different colors may differ you know, it happens sometimes, so I assess only this one with 4 stars.

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Femme Fatale recommends ANNY Nail Polish

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