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Written on Friday, September 22, 2017

I have to confess: I am the ultimate nail polish addict. At this moment, there are more than one hundred nail polishes in my collection, both from high and low end brands. So brace yourselves, I’ll be writing about them all. A lot. Smile


I want to start off with Essie nail polishes, which I love with all my heart.


When you open the bottle of an Essie polish, the first thing you see is the stunning brush. It is neither too wide nor too narrow. It's just of the right size to paint the entire nail with two strokes. I've never had problems with brushes from Essie Nails, like I had with other brands.


The Essie color range is very wide, although, lately, in my opinion, it’s becoming more and more monotonous. But, on the other hand, anyone can choose their own perfect shade of red, beige, pink or any other color. For example, the collection of red nail lacquers contains almost every shade of red, from faint red to dark Bordeaux. The same is with the other colors. Very convenient.


Among other things, these nail polishes do not change their consistency at all, even after they expired. For example, there was a nail polish in my collection which has expired more than a year ago, but its quality is just the same.


The durability is far from being great, the nail polishes last about 2-3 days, or a bit more with a top coat. However, it’s no drawback for me, since I am repainting my nails exactly once every 2-3 days. And after shopping, it can be 5 times per day, when I’m trying out new nail polishes. Smile


They dry quickly, no dryer needed.


1 Blanc


Pure white, opaque nail lacquer. Looks horrible when only one coat is applied. Simply monstrous. But the second coat fixes all the flaws of the first one. I just can not imagine how I used to live without this varnish. It’s a real lifesaver when it comes to nail design.



45 Sole mate


Very rich, deep color. At the moment, it’s my favorite. I love the dark burgundy. One coat is not enough, but two coats look perfect. Despite the fact that the nail lacquer is dark, it can be effortlessly removed, without staining the skin around the nail.



74 Tart deco


Thick. One coat does not provide enough coverage, the second one will be required. Shimmers in the sun.



96 Beach bum blu


Streaky and unpleasantly translucent. In two coats, however, it looks great. May shine in the sun.



212A Tour de finance

Spring Collection 2012 Navigate Her Collection



Saturated fuchsia with the smallest, almost invisible shimmer. The camera was never able to catch it, as it can only be noticed in a very bright sun. If you look closely, you can notice a little shimmer in the bottle itself. That’s what I’m talking about. Smile


It's applied perfectly even with one stroke and leave no streaks.



222A Mojito Madness


Summer Collection 2012 Bikini So Teeny


Dense green. A bit too sheer, if applied in one coat. In principle, it can be worn like that too, but in this case, it will be a very pale green and not a bit outstanding.



250 Bond with whomever


A stunningly subtle lavender shade. It's applied perfectly even in one layer, not streaky at all.



337 Back in the limo


It’s a delicate, pale pink, translucent lacquer. In one coat it turns out to be slightly denser than Mademoiselle, but also very similar to it. With two coats, it looks perfect!


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