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Written on Friday, August 25, 2017

It was not until fairly recently that I bought the first bottle of this nail polish.


I ordered it online just to give it a go and after the first application, it has become a favorite of mine.


Price: $3.99


Size: 7ml. It’s average. The spending is fairly big but I’ll finish the bottle till the moment the lacquer get dried in it. I want to say it here that this product gets thick and viscous quickly, especially if you use it very often, so don’t forget to screw it on very tightly.


Packaging: It’s simple and there’s nothing extraordinary about it. The top cap is wide, the same width as the bottle itself.




Brush: I find it handy to work with as it’s wider from the one side and is narrowed from the other. I apply the nail polish with it quickly and evenly.


  • I’m pretty delighted with the quality of the product, as well as with how it looks on my nails. Almost each color applies well without streaks or bubbles. But unfortunately, some colors are outsiders here and I’ll speak about them a bit later.

  • Usually I apply two layers to get a more intense and thick color.

  • It dries quickly.

  • On average this nail polish stays on my nails for two days. Later I face the problem of chipping on the tips of my nails.

  • The lacquer is well pigmented, yet it doesn’t stain my nail plate.


And now let’s pass over to the review of every color that I possess:


Natural beige colors



That is my favorite one. It’s of a tender creamy color. It suits for everyday office wear perfectly well. This color looks very nice on the nails. There’s no shimmer or pearl color in it. I’m about to buy the second bottle of it as the first one is already almost used up.





# 31

Semi-translucent milky color. It’s almost invisible when I apply it in one layer. When I apply two, it gives a white glossy color. I can’t say that I love it very much, but still I wear it and love how it looks on my nails.







I don’t know why they placed it into a metallics category as it’s just a true color with no shimmer and pearl particles. It’s a very unusual dusty color. If it hadn’t been discounted, I doubt that I’d have ever bought it. I wear it from time to time, when I’m sure that it’ll compliment my look.








A pleasant color that I used up first. It’s a thick minty color which always brings me into high spirits when I look at my nails. Two coats is the best option for this color.









Luscious greens:

# 273

This color is very complicated and expensive-looking. The color of emerald which always makes me feel more confident. One layer is enough for this color.




Caramel pinks

# 83

A true pink color. It doesn’t look sheer or pale. It’s a real Barbie color. I like it!








I love red colors and its shades really much: coral, scarlet, classic red, dark-red, ripe cherry - these are my life makers. Smile That’s way I couldn't pass by this color. I wouldn’t say that it’s classic red or scarlet, no, it’s of brighter and more intense pigmentation. This color is eye-catching and I love it a lot.






This is the red color which can be found in any brand color range. It’s a classic red color with dark undertones which makes it look almost claret. I couldn’t resist, guys Smile






A dark deep intense brown color. If applied in one layer it goes terribly streaky. In two layers, the color becomes more intense and even. I’m being picky, I know, but all in all this color is nice.





And that’s it. I’m done. I was preparing this review for a very long time. I’m so proud of myself that I have finally posted it. Smile

I highly recommend Maybelline New York Colorama Nail Polishes for buying, as I’m delighted with almost each color I have.

Thanks for spending these minutes with me!

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Nat_Kap recommends Maybelline Colorama Nail Polish

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