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Written on Wednesday, September 6, 2017
Pros: beautiful colors, convenient brush, dries quickly, good price, wide range of colors

Hello nail polishes’ maniacs!

Today I’ll tell you about my recent purchase of Maybelline Colorama Nail Polishes. I bought 7 colors at once as there was a good offer for them.

The color range is HUGE! I presume that I spent a good hour there choosing the colors!

Size: 7ml

The brush is wide. I’m into wide brushes, you know.

The staying power is good, about 3-4 days. They don’t take much time to dry. The first coat dries immediately, while the next one takes up to 15 minutes to dry.

So, the colors:


A semi-transparent white nail polish. I wanted it to be lightweight with a flawless and even finish, but alas no miracle happened and now I have a nail polish which is extremely streaky in one layer and even in two! Only the third layer can save the situation a bit, but still it doesn't look evenly. On the close-up photo you can have a look.

#23 It’s a perfect black glossy nail polish! Even after the first coat it gives an even and streak-less finish. But still I usually apply two to get a better intensity of the color. I usually use it as a base color when applying shimmer polishes over it.

#325 This one is a deep lilac-blue color that seems to be changing its shade depending on the lighting. Sometimes I see it as dark blue but a moment later it turns dark lilac. As the previous one, it gives a good coating after the first layer. But still I opt for two layers.

#749 Neon bright yellow color. I don’t know why I picked it up, as I’m not into such colors. Besides it’s a problematic one. In the photo I applied three coats of it, but still it looks patchy. Well, I will combine it with some other nail polishes, I think.

#267 Extremely beautiful mint green-ish blue color. The first layer looks streaky, but the second layer helps out. In the end I have a gorgeous glossy mani.

#247 This is a blue nail polish infused with particles of different shapes and sizes. It’s from a limited collection but still I sometimes find it in the stores. So dear girls, if you ever face this nail polish, never buy it! It’s impossible to apply. Everything bad is combined in here - it streaks, bubbles and dries for ages. In the end I have a disaster on my nails with differently-shaped particles sticking out. In the photo I applied 2 layers.

#421 When I saw it in the store, I grabbed it immediately, as I love purple colors very much. What’s more is that there are glitters to it. I thought that it was a transparent nail polish with glitters, but no. It’s a nail polish with pigment, but a little bit of pigment, though. No matter how many coats you do, it’ll still look semi-transparent. In a word, use it over another nail polish as a top. In the photo I applied it over #325

But in general, I’m happy with my purchases. There are some good nail polishes as well as bad ones but they don’t cost a fortune, that’s why I’m ready to forgive some minor drawbacks .

Thanks for your attention!

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YLaLarina recommends Maybelline Colorama Nail Polish

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