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Written on Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Pros: beautiful colors, convenient brush, dries quickly, easy to apply, good quality, long staying, looks glossy, wide range of colors

I have a rather huge collection of Maybelline Colorama Nail Polishes but today I’ll tell you only about the six ones which managed to impress me most of all.


Color: intense dark blue with tiny purple shimmer. It’s almost invisible on my nails but I love it because it makes my nail polish look more purple and intense.

Application: it’s easy to apply but it requires two coats.

Drying: the first coat dries very quickly while the second takes longer. But I actually don’t bother with it much, as I always use a fast-drying top.


Color: fuchsia infused with some small blue shimmer.

Application: the easiest to apply. I’m a little bit ham-handed but still I managed to apply it evenly. I think that’s because of the perfect consistency of the product. Maybe that’s only mine that's of that consistency and other bottles will be different. Difficult to say. The nail polish applies evenly from the first coating.

Drying: the first layer dries within around 5 minutes while the second requires much more time. But in general I still presume that it’s not a big deal.


Color: intense dark purple

Application: easy but it requires two coats.

Drying: this very color dries the quickest but I still keep using the fast-drying top.


Color: intense marsala

Application: easy yet streaky if coated once. Well, of course you can get an even coverage from the first layer but I prefer two for a better color pigmentation.

Drying: fast


Color: true blue color with the same toned shimmer.

Application: easy-breezy. Consistency-wise this color resembles #64. I apply it in two thin layers or sometimes three to get the most intense color coverage.

Drying: the first coat dries very fast, while the second takes some time and I come back to the fast drying top again.


It’s a famous color which is popular among the YouTube community. It’s infused with a tiny holographic glitters. I kept asking myself whether to buy it or not and finally decided to buy. In vain, I think. I don’t like how it looks on my nails.

I apply it twice and none of the coats look patchy or anything. There are no bubbles in it and it dries quickly. But still I just don’t like it.

And now I want to highlight the most important things here:

1. The brush is convenient. It’s the same in all the nail polishes. It coats my nails from cuticle to the tips. If I need to find fault with it, then okay, the brush isn’t good for creating patterns on the nails. But in general it's worthy.

2. Consistency-wise all the nail polishes are almost the same. They aren’t watery or runny.

3. All the products are better to apply in some thin layers rather than one and thick. One thick coat will give you streaks and bubbles.

4. They apply evenly and I sometimes think that they magically can spread on my nail plate themselves.

5. They stay on well even without a top coat.

6. The staying power is about 5 days. If the following week is difficult for me and I won’t have time to do my mani, without any further ado, I’ll opt for one of the Maybelline Colorama nail polishes.

7. Easy to remove

Size: 7ml

Price: $4

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MaLina_M recommends Maybelline Colorama Nail Polish

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