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Written on Friday, June 30, 2017
Pros: color, convenient brush and cap, lasts really long, wide range of colors
Cons: pricey because of the brand, transparent consistency

I’ve never had a desire to buy expensive nail lacquers, moreover, I was even against it. I find no difference between the nail polishes that are $1 or $50. But one day, I turned out to be at store where there was a SALE!

The OPI lacquers were near the counter and 50% discounted. I want to say that the price of even 50% is still high for me. I bought this nail lacquer for €7.5. The size of it was quite big, so I didn’t regret anything.

What’s more, I’ve always wanted to try out these famous OPI nail lacquers.

Mine is NLE74 You're such a Budapest! of gentle lilac color.

This color is very beautiful and gentle, which really catches the eye. Even my husband, who notices nothing, and never says a word of compliment, once told me that my nails were beautiful. Smile

So, let’s have a closer look at the product itself.

◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►


15 ml


It’s made of thick transparent glass with a rough cap. It’s very convenient as the bottle doesn’t slide off in my hands.

Made in:

the USA


On my nails the color looks the same as in the bottle.


This very color has a rather liquid consistency, but at the same time, it doesn’t flow out of the edges.


It’s flat and flexible. The bristles’ length is all right. It’s very easy to coat my nails with it, but the bristles are too rough, I think. That’s why this product has one drawback, which I’ll speak about later.

◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►


In one coating, it’s almost transparent, the color is difficult to make out and it’s streaky.

In two coats, the color still looks transparent, but the color gets more intense and less streaky.

If I apply three coats, the color looks the same as in the bottle, but here comes out the the drawback of this product. Since the bristles of the brush are quite rough they leave patches on my nails when coated three layers. And it’s not the best option to go again many times, as the result will be just worse. So, it’s better to apply more of the lacquer. Thanks goodness it doesn’t flow out my nails’ edges.

In the photos you can clearly see the patches on my nails Sad But I was trying so hard!

And now, about the staying power.

I read a lot of reviews of this nail lacquer and they say that this product isn’t long-lasting. As for me, I wore it for 4 days. And there were no chips or anything. I do the housework in cleaning gloves, but of course I cook, wash vegetables and fruits without them. Usually, the chips appear on my right hand on my thumb and pointer finger. But with this nail lacquer on, nothing like this ever happened. I didn’t apply any top coating, just a simple transparent nail polish as a top. The only thing that happened with the lacquer during the 4 days of wearing were the small cracks on the surface of my nails.

It may sound strange, but I noticed that the staying power of my nail lacquers has increased since I changed the shape of my nails. I used to do only the square oval shape, but here decided to experiment and do just an oval shape. And now any nail lacquer stays on way longer, even those it used to stay on for around two days. This is strange, but very convenient.

I don’t know how much longer this nail coating might have stayed, but I removed it on the fourth day, as I was already fed up with this color.


Will I ever buy any other nail lacquer color by OPI? I think yes. As, first of all, among the rest of the others that I possess, this one has the best staying power. And secondly, their color range is so wide, it’s so tempting to buy some beautiful colors. Just need to wait for the sales again:)

Thanks for your attention!

See ya!

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_printemps_ recommends OPI Nail Lacquer

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