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Written on Friday, August 23, 2019

Before going on a trip, I started looking for some small hand cream to take with me. I ran into a shelf filled with such mini-creams in one of the stores. I decided it was exactly what I was looking for. I opted for the grapefruit aroma for me. Now, I’m eager to share my thoughts on it with you.


  • Where to buy and the price?


You can find it online or in Dollar Tree, for instance.

I bought mine at a ridiculous price, $1.


  • Packaging


First of all, I was hooked on the outer appearance of the product. It’s designed like a cute little animal. I think it’s a llama.


The design is absolutely cute and gentle. It’ll definitely touch your heart.

The packaging is made of soft plastic which is pleasant to the touch.

Animal Shaped Grapefruit Hand Cream
Animal Shaped Grapefruit Hand Cream


The back of it has some instructions on use and also the product’s characteristics. Moreover, you can find the full list of ingredients there too.

Animal Shaped Grapefruit Hand Cream
Animal Shaped Grapefruit Hand Cream

I think it’s the best option for traveling. The product is compact and lightweight. The top cap is safe and won’t let the formula leak out. That’s very important when you’re traveling.


The nozzle here is small and round. It won’t let the undesired amount come out.


  • About the product


Size: 30ml

The collection offers several aromas of this product: I know they have vanilla, watermelon, coconut, and some others.

For me, I chose grapefruit.

The consistency turned out to be thick to some extent, while the texture is lightweight yet still nourishing. I’m a fan of such textures. Here I love everything about it.


The color of the formula is white and rather smooth.

Animal Shaped Grapefruit Hand Cream
Animal Shaped Grapefruit Hand Cream

The cream is easy to apply and distribute all over my skin. The layer is even and semi-sheer. No color.


Animal Shaped Grapefruit Hand Cream
Animal Shaped Grapefruit Hand Cream

As for the aroma, I don’t get it, really. It’s here and it’s rather neutral. It’s sweet and cosmetic but it doesn't smell like grapefruit or any other citrus at all.


I can’t be picky about the smell but still, why the hell do they promise one thing and never get it? That’s a mystery. Smile The smell doesn’t stay on for long on me.


As for the list of ingredients, I won’t analyze it. I’ll just show you a picture, and if you’re interested, you may look through.

Animal Shaped Grapefruit Hand Cream
Animal Shaped Grapefruit Hand Cream

The spending is average. If you use it often, it’ll last for a couple of months for you. But if you’re like me and use hand creams only when they cross your eyes, the product will last longer.

The consistency allows using less of it for the full application.


  • Results

I like this product because:


  • its texture is pleasant and lightweight, yet still nurturing and easy to distribute

  • it doesn’t leave any nasty film after application

  • it sinks in quickly. You won’t have to wait until it’s fully soaked

  • the product offers good moisture. My skin is soft after use. However, if your skin is dry, I’d opt for something more nurturing and nourishing if I were you. This babe is more like a daily hand moisturizer.


As for the staying power, it doesn’t stay as long as I’d like to. It easily comes off with water. I wouldn’t say it’s like a huge con but just a fact.


  • Overall

This is a good travel-friendly hand cream.

It’s also a nice small present-souvenir that will cheer someone up. The moisture is good for normal skin which isn’t dry.


In general, I love this product apart from its smell that doesn’t live up to the description.

I won’t repurchase but I think my experience with it was positive.

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