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Written on Saturday, December 30, 2017

I’ve started dry brushing 4 years ago, following the beauty trend set by top models. Dry brushing is supposed to smooth out the skin surface better than any cosmetic product can. It can detoxify the skin and improve your lymphatic drainage, and as a result, you’ll get smooth and elastic skin.

I have a few brushes for this procedure. This review will be about the toughest one.

Target those hard to reach areas with the help of our Cactus Long Handle Brush. Wonderful for dry skin brushing, or for use in the shower with your favourite body wash.

  • Body brush

  • For dry body brushing and exfoliation

  • Helps to stimulate skin microcirculation

  • Ideal for regular exfoliation


After four years in use, the brush still looks pretty good: no cracks, no splinters and no hair lost. The quality is superb!

It hasn’t become softer either.


I’ve been struggling for a perfect body since I was a teenager. When I got older, I started buying largely-hyped body serums and creams, but nothing worked. There is one simple truth: no body cream can fight the orange peel, regardless of its price.

A few years ago I read Miranda Kerr’s interview, where she swore by daily dry brushing. I always liked her, and as a top model, she must definitely know about such things, so I hastened to buy the first body brush I saw: this one.

After I read a few articles on the internet, I started rubbing my long suffering butt. When it was over, I flipped out.

My skin was polished...and at the same time maroon-colored! It was so painful that I couldn’t sleep!

In the morning, I realized that I peeled off the upper layer of my skin and in the next week, I was trying hard to get rid of the consequences. Meanwhile, I watched all those imperfections reappear on my thighs.

I kept the very first experience in mind. Eventually, I managed to make this procedure the best part of my skin care regime.

It’s only 8-10 minutes, and not even every day.

My method:

I massage dry skin only! In the evening, before taking a shower, I massage my body in circular motions toward my heart. It helps to improve lymph drainage and prevent swelling.

1. Legs: I start from feet and go up, with 60 circular motions for each leg. Be gentle in the knee area and on the inner thighs.Plus, such massage can help to get rid of ingrown hair.

2. Hands: In circular patting movements, I massage my hands, from fingers to shoulders, 20-35 times.

Remember that there are lymph nodes in the armpits and in the knee area. The movements must be very gentle there.

3. Back. Since the brush has a longer handle, it can be used to massage the whole back, going from waist to neck, and from sides to spinal cord. I massage my back intensively with about 50-60 movements.

4. Stomach. I massage my stomach with circular movements (clockwise.) At first, I do it gently, then intensify the pressure and move the brush from bottom to top, to ribs. (30-40 times)

5. Now back to the most problem area - thighs. I massage each with circular movements about 60-80 times, gradually increasing the pressure to the highest level bearable.

In the next photo you can see the results on the most problem area after a month of dry brushing.

There are a few techniques to massage breasts and neck, but I never touch them with the brush.

Make sure you stand in a bathtub, because there will be a lot of exfoliated skin particles everywhere, and it’s easier to wash them down with water than sweeping the floor afterwards.

6. Then, I take a warm shower and apply any body oil, an anti-cellulite or a simply nourishing cream.

I love how this one works:

It can be used with a soft massage brush.

I wash this brush once a week, or twice - when I use it often. I wash it with warm water and soap and store it in a vertical position on the wall.



After dry brushing, your skin must be pink, not maroon!The pain must never be unbearable. Yes, it’s painful, especially at first. But after a few times, it will be easier.

The cactus bristles are tough and may even scratch the skin, so control the level of pressure.

Never dry brush freshly tanned or injured skin.

Never apply any salt-containing treatment like scrubs afterwards. Once, I swam in the sea after dry brushing, and the feelings were really unforgettable.

And the most important thing: this brush is designed for dry brushing only, regardless of what the manufacturer says!

There are softer brushes to use in the shower. If you use this one on wet skin, you’ll get nothing but new stretch marks and broken blood vessels.

When can I see the first result?

Personally I noticed the first improvement the day after the first procedure.

After two weeks, my cellulite was seen only when I squeezed my skin.

In a month, it disappeared completely. It came back, of course, it’s a never-ending battle.

Anyway, I do my best to keep my body in the best condition possible, with oils, massages etc.

The Body Shop Cactus Brush is not the only one in my collection (I also have a round brush from this brand), but this one is definitely my favorite and the most convenient ever!

Totally recommended! Just don’t massage yourself too hard, you know.

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Briony recommends The Body Shop Cactus Long Handle Body Brush

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