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The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream - reviews

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  • It’s just a toss! A hand perfume agent (ingredients)

    june_07's picture

    For quite a while I was dreaming of trying out some hand cream from The Body Shop. Initially, I was going to buy that super-hyped Hemp Hand Protector. But the tester at the store was either old or maybe the cream does really smell this way but it was absolutely clear that the product stank of some…

  • My review of Moringa + photos of the list of ingredients

    Lirin's picture

    Getting to know The Body Shop brand, I was completely blown away with the Moringa aroma. So intense, floral, unusual and pleasant. I bought a body butter and a hand cream for testing. And today I’ll tell you about the hand cream.

Type: Hand Cream
Brand: The Body Shop
Category: Skin Care