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Written on Thursday, September 27, 2018
Pros: it quickly soaks in, no filming agents, persistent smell
Cons: i became too fed up with the smell, just a waste, poor moisture

For quite a while I was dreaming of trying out some hand cream from The Body Shop. Initially, I was going to buy that super-hyped Hemp Hand Protector. But the tester at the store was either old or maybe the cream does really smell this way but it was absolutely clear that the product stank of some rancid fat. After that, it was a torture to wash off that smell from my hands. Even wet wipes weren’t much of a help then.

I didn’t dare to take up that risk and decided to buy some other, more pleasantly scented hand cream. And that was how I picked up this Moringa product. Moreover, I used to have a Moringa body butter from that brand some time ago and I absolutely loved its scent and quality.


The size of the tube is just 1 fl.oz. This babe cost $6 and is a perfect throw-in-a-bag option.



The maker promises a lightweight gel texture, gentle moringa aroma and instant moisture, soothing and protection of the skin.

Well, does it mean that I won’t get intensive moisture from it at all?


By the way, the tube isn’t made of metal, it’s plastic, which looks exactly like metal. The product comes out well and never sticks.


Smell: I don’t even know how I can describe the aroma of this hand cream right… If you know how the Moringa products from The Body Shop smell like, then you’ll understand me. Smile The smell seems to be sweet, floral and not too luscious. I can make out some sour notes to it as well.

Also, I’d like to highlight the aroma’s IMPRESSIVE longevity. I mean it stays on until the moment I wash my hands. The first 15 minutes guarantee that I’ll constantly feel that persistent moringa smell! I have to add that within 5 days I became absolutely fed up with this aroma and it started to seem too luscious and chasing for me. It’s so strange since I didn’t experience anything of that kind with a moringa body butter before.


Consistency. As promised, it’s a little bit gel-like and light. Such a hybrid of a cream and a gel.




Right here I want to say that I didn’t like this cream. It seems to be a good handbag option for summer or a warm season, when I need to instantly moisten my hands on the go and never get any greasy film.

The texture is easy to distribute and I usually apply a lot. The product soaks in quickly, within a minute maybe. It’s such a good thing that it soaks in fully, leaving no residue, stickiness or film behind. If it is important to you, then I confirm - after the use of this cream you can get back to your papers and there weren’t be any greasy stains left on them.

Yes, my hands feel smoother and maybe the skin evens out a little (for some time after use) but the moisture is too poor. Within 12-15 minutes I want to apply some more cream on my hands since they already feel “thirsty” and that moisture feel disappears. When it was -10 C outside, I used to apply this cream before going out and as a result, my hands were already really dry within a couple of hours.


It’s nice that The Body Shop brand also offers small packages of their products for testing. I know I would be so frustrated if I bought 3.3 fl oz and didn’t like the cream.

Since the product is rather shitty moisture-wise and its pleasant aroma fed me up, it even ran from advantages to the disadvantages…




I don’t recommend this hand cream as a moisture product. In my opinion, it isn’t worth the money it costs. I can only advise it to those who are head over heels with The Body Shop Moringa scents and only as a perfume and soothing cream, no more.

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