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Written on Thursday, January 11, 2018

I’m a big sucker for oils, so there are always a few bottles for different parts of my body that stand on my bathroom shelf. It goes without saying that Clarins bottles have the top position. How could it be otherwise?

These oils are the bestsellers of this brand and I think that they are familiar almost to everybody. I’ve been using them for quite a long time and now I can’t imagine my skincare routine without the Huile Tonic Body Treatment Oil and the Huile Lotus Face Treatment Oil.

Today I’d like to tell you about the body oil. It’s thought to help you lose weight and reduce the stretch marks, but don’t really count on that. Regular workouts is what you need, if you want to lose weight Smile

If you want to maintain your skin elasticity and get rid of dry patches and irritations, then I advise you keep on reading.

The oil comes in a white brand package, typical for Clarins skin care products. I don’t really get why the manufacturer decided to pack all the products in the same packagings that differ only by the writing. I spend so much time on searching for the product I need every time I come to the store.

The package is quite heavy due to the weighty glass bottle inside that has 100 ml of oil. You can easily get a bruise or spectacularly drop and break it, as its shape along with the material are definitely not meant for clumsy people. It would’ve been better if the packaging was more convenient to use or at least if it had a pump, because a round mouth with a screw top feels so uncomfortable, although the bottle looks gorgeous. Well, the high-ends love being this way.

By the way, the manufacturer is such a teaser. They recommend using this oil in the shower, although it’s actually liquid Smile

However, all that is not a deal-breaker for me. It’s so foolish to criticise the product for its appearance, when you know how great it is. So, let’s consider this terribly inconvenient and not travel-friendly bottle to be its peculiarity. I would call this bottle ‘use at home and don’t show off.’ However, it looks very pretty, I must admit. The oil itself is a truly awesome product. It’s a silky-smooth oil with an amazing scent. I love applying it to my damp skin after a shower and rubbing it in to nourish my skin. I don’t have loose or sagging skin at age 21, but I know what dry and irritated skin means. The oil makes my skin moisturized, elastic, smooth and very luscious. Well, I get everything I want from this oil. My skin doesn’t feel tacky or greasy, so I can dress up almost at once if I use it in the mornings.

I’m used to applying it to my damp skin after a shower, although there is also a possibility to use it immediately in the shower, but I don’t like it this way Smile

If you want to use this product during a massage, I would rather recommend you buy another oil, because Clarins doesn't absorb into dry skin easily.

The scent is not for everybody’s liking. It reminds me of lemons and the woods. The scent is very thick and all-natural.

Well, I love it and I’m planning on purchasing a mini-version for on the go, as I don't want to use this bottle on trips Smile


Thanks for your attention <3



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yanixxx recommends Clarins Huile Anti-Eau Contour Body Treatment Oil Body Oil

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