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Written on Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Pros: a little goes a long way, a mini present included, doesn’t provoke allergy, i want to use it again and again, sweet-scented and gentle
Cons: pricey

If you adore coconuts just as I do, then this review is definitely for you! Body oil, coconut and the Victoria's Secret brand is just a hit for me and I could barely resist and walk away. I bought the product discounted on the official website (about $8) but the initial price is something like $20.

🌺 So, the size is 8,4 fl oz (250ml).

🌺 Package- It’s a transparent plastic bottle with a black top cap. The cap is super inconvenient and once I bend the bottle over, the product leaks through. Is there anything worse than a leaking body oil? Probably there is, if you paid 20 bucks for it. 😂 The design of the bottle is beautiful, here you can see the VS stripes. And on the back of the bottle you’ll find a big number 4, which means that there are 4 skin care products in the collection. (I know only about a shower gel, alas) and this oil is definitely a finishing step in my skin care game. As you’ve already noticed there’s a small bow on the cap, and it’s actually a hair band. The idea might have been fantastic - you take off the band, do your hair and start to apply the oil, but I’ve already mentioned that the product leaks and my band is already stained greasy with the oil. I tried to wash it off, but didn’t succeed. If you buy this product, then I advise you to take the band off right after purchase, because the band really looks cute and convenient.

🌺 Color and consistency

It’s a transparent thick liquid, if to put it briefly.

The consistency is like of the Bubchen baby oils. When I rub the product into my skin, it sinks in really quickly, leaving a film behind. It’ll take about 20 minutes for the oil to sink in fully. And within that time everything that you touch will stick to you.

🌺 Aroma- It’s adorable. I have a desire to use it all the time. When I open the bottle the aroma doesn’t come out to the fullest, but after the application it’s just divine! I have to warn you! It isn’t a real coconut aroma. I understood it after a purchase of a real coconut butter, but I still love the smell of this product. If you’ve never used the coconut oil before, then I’m sure that the VS aroma won’t upset you at all. By the way, the aroma doesn’t smell like any other coconut-scented moisturizer. This oil has got some other notes to it as well. Maybe this is that very Cotton Moisture Complex that it stated on the bottle. The smell is absolutely long-wearing. I usually apply it after a shower and all my towels and bathrobe smell of this product. Even my bedding smells like it, if I use this oil every day. It’s my kinda coconut home fragrance. 💕.

🌺Expectations-reality- I’m really happy that this oil does fit the bill and I can see that my skin is silky to the touch and healthy-looking. The aroma is charming and I always have a desire to use this product. I recommend it for everybody. The most important thing is that it doesn’t provoke any allergic reactions, even on my sensitive skin. Highly recommended!

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Diana.98 recommends Victoria's Secret Weightless Body Oil

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