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Written on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Hi everyone!

I haven’t written about moisturizing and nourishing facial masks yet, although I use them in the winter often. I try to use them at least twice a week.

So, I think it’s high time to talk with you about the moisturizing Clarins mask.

This mask is from the promising and famous French brand, so I couldn’t help but purchase it.

Сlarins HydraQuench Cream-Mask

The design is classy for Clarins. The product comes in a nice light-blue tube. Initially it was packed in a paper package, which had some information about the ingredients and the manufacturer. The mask is convenient to use. I like the masks in tubes and not in the pots. The only gripe I have about it is the top cap. It it’s not a flip top, but a screw top, so I may someday lose it.

The consistency is lightweight, creamy and reminds me of a souffle. It’s not thick and comes out easily.

It has a nice smell. It doesn’t smell like flowers or fruits, but it smells like cosmetics and it’s very typical for Clarins.

The scent is quite long-lasting and I can feel it while applying distinctly. However, it dissipates completely after removal.

Use and my impressions:

The mask is designed for dehydrated skin types.

I have combination skin, but it’s dehydrated in winter. Plus, I sometimes use drying kaolin masks and toners with alcohol and acids in my skincare routine.

To tell you the truth, I had high hopes for this mask. In addition, the sales assistant was praising it very highly and some Youtube bloggers were raving about it.

So, at first I applied my favourite cleansing face mask with fruit acids and left in on 5 minutes. Then I removed it and applied this ‘miraculous’ Clarins mask with a flat brush to my damp skin. I waited 5-10 minutes at first as the manufacturer advises, but then I decided to wait a little more. I thought it wouldn’t get worse. So, I left it on 15 minutes. After that I removed it with a damp cotton pad saturated with a toner (as the manufacturer advises). After removal with a cotton pad, my skin felt slightly moisturized and I decided to apply a moisturizing cream on it.

However, right after the first wash, this moisturizing effect disappeared and my skin was the same as it was before applying this mask. My pores are prone to clogging, so the next time I decided to remove the mask with water and not with a cotton pad saturated with a toner.

And again I didn’t notice any result even after the fifth application. My skin was always the same.

I hoped that I just had to wait till it finally worked, use it every two days and in 2 weeks see the result. I thought, the result would definitely be good.

Unfortunately, after 2 weeks of active use (I removed both ways: with water and the toner) I didn’t see any moisturizing effect again.

The peeling around my nose caused by dry air and mattifying foundations was still there. I remove this peeling with a specific medicated cream now.


Final thoughts: Unfortunately, this mask didn’t work for me. It turned out to be neither good nor bad, it’s just useless. It neither moisturized nor nourished my skin. However, it didn’t make it worse. Initially I was planning to give it 2 stars, because I bought a pricey and useless product, but taking into account that it didn’t damage my skin or make it worse, I give it 3 stars. By the way, I had a more expensive L'occitane Immortell, which performed worse than this mask.

Volume: 75 ml

Made in France.



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