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Written on Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Pros: a little goes a long way, absorbs well, deprives from dryness and flaking, evens out complexion, gives moisture, my skin looks beautiful
Cons: easy to overdo, pricey, smell

♥ ♠ ♥ ♠ ♥ Hello beauties! ♥ ♠ ♥ ♠ ♥

If you decided to read my review then I guess that you also suffer the winter dryness and flaking. Dry and hot air inside and cold frosty weather outside do their job and we end up with different skin problems like:

reddening, dehydration, tightening feelings, dryness and as a result we have a bad mood and low self-esteem.

Our faces are suffering in winter. How can we help them?

This facial oil has become my panacea, precious beauty elixir which is really ready to replace the most nourishing face cream. This oil really can “revive” my skin within a few minutes and give me the visible effect.

Do you need proof? Well, keep reading then.

How to use this facial oil?

Option #1

If I have runny nose, it will definitely be seen on my face, as my skin (especially around my nose) will be very flaky and tingling. Have you ever faced that problem? I have.

If I stay at home then I just stop caring and the problem vanishes itself. But what should I do if I need to go to work or somewhere else? And here my magic facial oil comes in. Literally in 10 minutes it leaves me with no reddening and for a half an hour helps to reduce flaking! My nose comes back to its usual condition. Hooray! Do I need to mention that the problem of a runny nose and flaking and reddening is no more an issue for me?Smile

Option #2

I use this facial oil as a cream overnight. At first I apply some toner with chamomile and within 5-10 minutes I apply this facial oil. 2-3 drops are enough for my nose, cheeks and temples, then I add 2 more drops for my chin and forehead. Do you think that isn’t enough? Take my word - the oil is very easy to spread over my face and I guess that it’s better to add than overdo.

In the morning my skin is soft, glowing with health and I’m so happy about it Smile

Option #3

Before applying masks/scrubs/acids

This is my usual scheme. Every Sunday I exfoliate my skin for 2-3 minutes to scrub the dead cells. Then I apply the product formulated with fruit acids for 10 minutes to nourish the skin. After that I apply a moisturizing face mask for 15-20 minutes and I finish the procedure with this facial oil application. It really calms down my skin and on Monday morning I wake up with the most even and beautiful skin that doesn’t need foundation or powder.

What didn’t I like about this product?

The smell. It repels me. I think that they might have added some perfume agents for the product to smell better.

I ordered the set online a long time ago that I don’t even remember the price of it. In the set there were 3 products + a makeup bag as a gift.

I know that now this facial oil costs $58 which is pricey. If I hadn’t found it in a set, I would have never bought it.

Overall: I like this product very much, even though it is pricey. It’ll be perfect for winter time. Wait for Christmas sales and buy it for a better discount.

I doubt that I’ll ever buy the full sized packaging. But I’m sure that I’ll buy a set with this product included! Smile

Have a good day,

Yours Gerastikez ♥♥♥

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gerastikez recommends Clarins Orсhidee Bleue Face Treatment Oil

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