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Written on Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Pros: absorbs in a snap, beautiful package, convenient package, lightweight texture, pleasant scent
Cons: doesn’t go a long way, no moisture, nothing special, pricey, the gel leaves film behind

Hey there!

There’s a weak soft spot in me - I’m too falling for cute and interesting packages. Sometimes it feels like this love is stronger than the sense in me. And this is what actually happened with me and the Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate. I have to confess that maybe it was my fault that I didn’t read the instructions carefully and didn’t actually know what the product was for, when I quickly headed for the cash desk.

Later it turned out to be that the product was really unclear. It was difficult to make out whether it works for me or not.

Moisture Surge is:

An antioxidant-infused water-gel that's ultra-light, yet delivers a 179 percent moisture boost for visibly plumper, smoother skin.

That’s not just a product description, it seems to be more like a miracle.

I really like using multi-purpose products in my skin care game, but only when it doesn’t come to the gel-like consistencies. Well, this is actually what this concentrate is. I just can’t believe that a gel is able to fight dry skin and flaking alone.

My skin isn’t dry, it’s more of a normal type. But reading all those off the charts percentages, I really hoped to get moisture for my skin, a lot of moisture. Smile


Well, here it is, the hero of my review today. Stylish tube that has a glossy airless pump and a shiny bottom. The sturdy plastic case is see-through, where we can see the gel within.

Inside the tube there’s also another pump, which is so handy when you want to know how much of the product is left inside.

The concentrate has the most convenient pump, which means that I don’t even have to open or close anything to get the product out. The only thing that I’ll need to do is to press the soft pump and the gel will come out. The pump works well, it doesn’t throw the product out.


What’s this concentrate?

It’s a thick pink gel, which can be applied alone, or as a face mask.

As all the gels from the Moisture Surge collection, this one also distributes well over the skin and absorbs in a snap. BUT it leaves a film on my skin, which is even detectable if I take a closer look.

I hate it when I can feel some hint of product present on my skin. I feel very uncomfortable with such products on and have a strong desire to wash them off immediately. And, sadly but truly, this is what this concentrate actually does with my skin.



One more confusing thing about the product is the tightening sensation over my skin that it gives. Are they kidding me??? How is it possible that a moisturizing concentrate provokes tightening sensations? I came to the conclusion that this product doesn’t work well on my skin if I use it alone. If I had oily skin, I’d probably never face such problems.

Then I decided to test it out as a face mask. After all, they claim that the product can be used this way too.

And finally, I have seen the results! My skin was really moisturized, fresh and evened out. This is the results I want to get from any face mask indeed.


But I also decided to go on further and use this concentrate as an essence before my skin care cream application.


I used the concentrate all over my skin, even on my under eyes after a toner and before the skin care cream every day and noticed that the Clinique product boosted the cream’s effects and made my skin really plump and supple.

I also tried to follow the same game in the AM and noticed that my makeup didn’t want to stay on and quickly creased. By the way, my makeup creases over this concentrate, even if I use it alone. Hence it doesn’t work as a makeup primer at all. And I wish it could, because gel textures are known to be the best primers.





It doesn’t go a long way. I don’t use this concentrate every day. Within a month, I’ve used up a third of the formula, which is a lot. I don’t need a lot of the product to apply over my face, neck and under eyes, but even one light press makes the pump go higher and I deem that the concentrate won’t last long.


In a nutshell:

  • the concentrate doesn’t give enough moisture for my normal skin type and it doesn’t work if I use it alone either

  • the gel doesn't go a long way

  • it doesn’t work as a makeup primer

  • the product does nothing about flakey skin


The good:


  • the concentrate doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin

  • it works well as a face mask and a serum

  • the package is of really good quality


The product is definitely unclear for me. On the one hand it doesn’t do anything with my skin if I use it alone, but on the other, if I pair it with my other skin care products, it works nice. Now I want to put it aside for a while and take it with me on holiday to test it out in the heat. Maybe in the heat its gel and lightweight texture will work wonders. But now, I guess I’ll keep on using it as a face mask from time to time.

It’s up to you to decide whether to buy this Moisture Surge Concentrate or not. For me this product isn’t a must-have and in general it has more downsides than good points. Besides it’s really pricey.

Price tag: $39, but I bought it discounted.


Thanks for reading my post. Smile

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