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Written on Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Hello there!

I’ve been using this cleansing balm for a year now, and finally I’ve found some time to write about it. At first, my review was full of rage, but with time, we reached a compromise.

A few words about its appearance:

The balm is housed in a big lovely jar with a screw top. Initially, there was a protective lid under it.

The balm is white, not too thick, almost without any smell.

Use of this:

No additional equipment comes with this balm so I have to scoop it with my fingers, apply to my face and rub it thoroughly. My skin is combination with an oily T-zone. For my skin, cleansing milk or balm isn’t the best option, because oily skin is prone to pore clogging. I use this balm quite rarely in order to remove a heavy multi-layered makeup with foundation, blush, highlighter, bronzer, eyeshadows, black eyeliner etc.

The moment I apply the balm to my face, I feel like I’m wearing a Halloween mask. After I’m tired of the mess on my face, I wash it off. Then I repeat, because one time isn’t enough plus you can see the result only after you’ve washed the balm off.

There is a huge minus. The balm is very unfriendly to the eyes. When removing eye makeup, no matter how carefully I’m doing it, the balm always gets into my eyes and makes them burn. Also, it leaves a nasty film on them. It’s unbearable and it’s hard to wash it out. After the balm got into my eyes once or twice, I decided to opt for another makeup remover.

You may say, I shouldn’t have touched my under eye area with this, but I used the balm carefully plus the heaviest and most long-lasting makeup is usually on the eyes. Actually, I bought this balm for the eye area in the first place.

Summary: This balm hasn’t become my must have. After a year in use, the jar still isn’t empty. It’s a really controversial thing. I absolutely hate the film it leaves and the fact that I have to scoop it out with my fingers. Also, I hate the mess it creates on my face.

Yeah, maybe this balm will work for girls with dry skin, but not solo, as it definitely must be accompanied by micellar water or face gel.

I won’t recommend this balm, because it doesn’t work solo and is unpleasant to use.


Concerning the ingredients, there is nothing extraordinary here, which would justify the price.

If your skin is oily, avoid such formulas because they are pore-clogging.

Hope my review was helpful!

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