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Written on Monday, March 19, 2018

Aloha, my dear readers! Wink



I adore face masks… I’m obsessed with that feeling when I can relax for 10 or 15 minutes with a mask on while waiting for it to work on my face. And I’m hooked on those face masks which have an amazing scent. Isn’t that marvelous? Wink

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the NEW Darphin Vetiver Stress Relief Detox Oil Mask which is so nice and later on I found out that is great aromatherapy for me.

My skin is always stressed (as of many other people nowadays I think). I always suffer from acne, acne scars, facial peels, bad impact of the environment and many other problems. And I guess such masks are real treats for our skin indeed. Wink

At first I was a little bit worried that my skin wouldn’t like this new skin care mask but later I understood that all my worries were totally in vain…

Today I’m bringing you my review of the NEW face mask which is a great detox tool for the skin and is infused with essential oils. I’ll also tell you about the results I got on my problematic skin and in general if the mask is worth its money. I’ll also enlighten you with the fact that wasn’t taken into the account by the manufacturer though the mask has it.

Product promises:

Continual stress creates an overall look of fatigue and can weaken skin’s barrier and its ability to repair itself. Experience pure serenity with a restorative oil mask infused with golden flower petals that transforms into a lightweight milk that detoxifies the skin. The essential oil blend of Vetiver, French Lavender, Geranium and Marjoram, meticulously selected to soothe skin for a radiant, nourished and healthy-look, and detox from feelings of stress.





Oh, it’s divine. The mask smells of the essential oils of calendula, I can also feel vetiver notes as well as lavender to it. There are also some notes of geranium to the mask though they aren’t so potent. (I personally hate the geranium scent but here it’s very light and in general the mask’s smell is felt very harmonious). The aroma feels natural, calming and not off-putting. It’s real aromatherapy in the jar.



It’s golden and amber.



It’s thick.



It’s thick and gel-like. When you add a teeny splash of water the mask turns into gentle milk on the skin.

gel-like consistency...
gel-like consistency... turns into a milk! turns into a milk!



I use this mask two or three times a week and I usually leave it for 10 minutes on my skin.


The mask flatters all skin types.


The mask expires within 24 months after opening.



Made in France

Price - $50

My experience with the Darphin Vetiver Stress Relief Detox Oil Mask and the outcome.

Such masks as this one turn the process of face mask application into a ritual. For me this mask has really become a true way to relax after a difficult working day. And my skin takes it as a soothing step in my skincare routine. Of course, it’s very nice when they offer to use a mask 2-3 times a week, especially considering the small spending of the product.

The thick gel consistency is very easy to apply to my skin and I always need the tiniest bit of the mask to apply it even with a thin coat.

There are calendula petals in the jar which I was really surprised to see there. It was interesting yet at the same time very pleasant to find them in the mask.

here you can see the calendula petals in the jar
here you can see the calendula petals in the jar

  • After the application of the mask I can feel a gentle warm-up effect on my skin which is rather obvious since the skin contacts nothing but the mask. The product doesn’t dry on the face. I always experience very pleasant feelings with it on. I usually close my eyes and enjoy this divine aroma of herbs and essential oils. Once I didn’t even want to wash the mask off for more than 20 minutes as I was literally cuddled by its stunning smell. Smile

  • Then there are pleasant and interesting changes of the mask coming. I rinse it with warm water and I can see that the gel-like consistency turns into a milk! After that I massage my face with this milk and later my skin becomes the softest in the world! By the way, the mask tastes sweet (you know, I accidentally tasted it when I was washing it off).

I use this mask three times a week, as I’ve already said after a long and tiring working day or after a facial peel of my skin to sooth it.

The manufacturer even advises to use the mask in the morning to eliminate the signs of a bad night’s sleep.

the reddening is less obvious :)
the reddening is less obvious :)

  • Right after the mask is done, it feels as though my skin is “breathing” and I always experience such pleasant feelings of comfort and pleasure. Within 15-20 minutes I can see that the reddening disappears and in general the skin looks healthier and more peachy color-wise...

It feels so nice, as though I’ve visited a luxury spa salon. I’m serious.


Pros of the mask

  1. It calms down my skin. I can see this result within 30 minutes. Usually when I rinse my cosmetic products off the skin I can clearly see some reddening, especially on the sides of my nose and cheeks. But after this mask the reddening disappears very quickly and I like the so even and fresh skin tone I get. By the way, in the morning looking in the mirror I can see that my skin condition has become better.

  2. Comforting feelings on the skin. My skin feels as though “breathing” and alive again after I do this mask. I believe in all those magical properties of the essential oils and the results they can show on our skin (in a good way) in this mask. I also do believe that the calendula petals affect my skin well as I used to treat my acne with its brew.

  3. Nourishing. From fall to spring our skin needs additional nourishment and pay your attention that during fall and winter season you should nourish your skin a lot. And this mask does this job beautifully. I even forgot what the flaking skin after the facial peel is.

  4. The mask flatters problematic skin type. It’s better to heal problematic skin but you can always treat it with this mask. What’s more the mask is non-comedogenic.


Cons of the mask.

  1. No spatula provided to take the mask out. I don’t want to be picky though I still wish there was a spatula. The mask is rather pricey as all the Darphin skin care products in general. And I wish the manufacturer takes this fact into account.


Overall:  Of course the “DETOX” word sounds magical, though it’s just a general concept: cleansing, stress relief (reddening) and comfort feelings on the skin. I get everything the product promises from this mask, and I guess that I get even more. It was such a pleasure to start my acquaintance with the brand with this mask! Even though the Darphin skin care products are really far from being affordable, I still have a huge desire to buy the Skin Stress Relief Vetiver Elixir as well and use it along with the mask.

I like the way my skin looks after the use of this stress relief mask. My skincare routine turns into a real spa treatment ritual.

The only gripe is about the spatula absence in the jar, but I’ve already mentioned it. I can’t say that I’m upset about it, though I wish the manufacturer takes notice of it.


Highly recommended!



Thanks for your attention!

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