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Written on Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Pros: doesn't clog pores, has a nice scent, lightens acne spots, makes my skin smooth and even, moisturizes well

Hi! Smile

I’d like to tell you about the Elizavecca Hell-Pore Clean Up Aha Fruit Toner.

I’ve decided to purchase this toner after reading raving reviews. I was right that I did!

Price: $10-12

The first thing I want to mention is the packaging! It’s probably the first time I see a package of such good quality. It has a QR code, which is good, because you can check the authenticity of the product right away Smile

In terms of the design, the Koreans are on top as always Smile Everything looks super cute Smile

The bottle is packed quite tightly, I even couldn’t take it out at first Smile

Inside there was an awesome surprise for me, i.e the divine scent! I was worried at first, because I thought that there was no protective lid, but no, there was a protecting foil Smile

Under the foil there was also a lid! I made a hole in it with a needle, but I’m not sure how I had to do it the right way…

Well, back to the scent! I’m gonna sell my soul to the devil for it! The product smells like a yummy grapefruit very strongly. I’ve never had such a scent with cosmetics. I wish I could use this toner 100 times per day! Laughing out loud But I can’t!

About the properties I stated.

  1. Cleanses my skin like a dream. If you remove your makeup bad, the toner will tell you about it and show you how clean it has to be after wash. Thank God I don’t have any problems when removing makeup, because the cotton pad is always clean after the toner.

  2. Doesn’t dry out skin, but the sensations are quite unusual at the beginning. My skin feels a sting a little bit, but it fades away quickly.

  3. You have to leave it on 3-5 minutes for the toner to start working as a peel. I always moisturize my skin after the procedure, although it’s not necessary.

  4. It evens out my skin tone, makes it lighter and covers up my pores just a little bit. They become less visible.

  5. A little goes a long way. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks twice a day now. You can see the amount left in the picture Smile Look at the level between the stickers. Generally speaking, it lasts 4-5 months, which is economical in my opinion.

  6. Mattiefies my skin and controls the sebum. I always have an oily nose, but after about 2 weeks I’ve noticed that it got obviously better.

7. Unfortunately it’s good only for fall and winter and probably the beginning of spring. It has acids in the ingredients, which are not good for use in summer. Everybody knows that it causes hyperpigmentation.


Well, now the picture of my skin after 3 months! I’ve been using it daily!

I’ve decided to write this reviews just now after testing it thoroughly.


My insignificant acne spots are no longer visible or at least in the picture. My nose doesn’t have an oily sheen. It doesn’t look like a greasy pancake anymore, but the main thing is that not a pimple appeared since I started using it. Now I’m dead sure that if you cleanse your skin thoroughly every day, there will be no breakouts. Do it even if you are super tired after work! It’s a must for me now! I don’t go to bed if I haven’t cleansed and moisturized my skin Smile

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mrnvika recommends Elizavecca Hell Pore Clean Up Aha Fruit Toner

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