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EOS Essential Berry Blossom Hand Lotion - reviews

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  • Does this product really provide me with 24-hour moisture?

    mystery's picture

    Greeting to everyone who reads my review! It’s winter now and a good hand lotion is essential for me. It’s so difficult to look good when your hands are flaking and chapped. And this is exactly how my hands react to frosty weather, even when I wear gloves.

  • It’s a good hand lotion

    El Voy's picture

    Hello everybody! Currently, I’m in the mood to tell you about the Berry Blossom Hand Lotion. I bought it as a hand moisturizer. After trying out some creams, I decided to try out this organic lotion. The packaging is oval and it opens up nicely. I can open it even with one hand.

Type: Lotion
Brand: EOS
Category: Skin Care