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Written on Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Hello my dear readers!

I can’t ever get enough of hand creams! This time I decided to try this one from Sephora.

Price - $5

I bought it in fall but started using it only in the spring. All that was due to the small and compact size of the product that is perfect as a throw-in-a-bag option. So, this babe has been with me for a month already.

Packaging - the tube is made of stiff plastic but the cream is still handy to take out. One can store it vertically but I don’t find it convenient for me, so I just put it down.

The list of ingredients is readable:

The first ingredient is glycerine and also shea and coconut oils. There’s also paraffin which is here to lock the moisture inside.

However, it doesn’t make the moisture stay for long because that feeling disappears once I wash my hands with water.

The ingredients list also stated the coconut water among the components. I think it is the reason why the balm smells so much like coconut. I have to say that I’m not a coconut junkie but I love this balm’s smell a lot.

By the way, the aroma lingers but it doesn’t follow me with its sillage. I can sniff it only when I put my hands close to my nose.

The consistency is really lightweight. The cream is smooth, no beads or infusion here.

It isn’t thick or runny, just pleasant to use.


I use this product outside the house. It’s been almost a month since I started. I use it when I feel that my hand skin is tightened or dry. Most frequently I apply it over the back of my hand because the balm leaves a slight tacky sensation after use. It doesn’t irritate me on the back of my hand but it freaks me out and annoys me. So, I can apply it over my hands and fingers only if I have spare 5-10 minutes when I won’t have to do anything. During that time, the tacky feel disappears.

This balm nourishes and hydrates my skin really nicely. My hands feel soft and silky by touch. They usually look like this. I can spot the difference, can you?

If I wash my hands, that silky sensation vanishes, so I conclude the product doesn’t have any long-lasting effect. However, my hands don’t feel dry after washing, so the balm is working.

The product doesn’t go a long way, maybe because of its small size.

In fact, it’s a drawback of the packaging. I need a small bit of it for one use.

I love this balm but I still think that there are cheaper alternatives which show the same results as this one. So, I won’t repurchase in the nearest future. Maybe later…

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PokaDet recommends Sephora Coconut Hand Balm

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