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Written on Monday, April 16, 2018
Pros: amazing scent, moisturizes and refreshes skin well, no sticky feeling
Cons: a bit pricey


Once I said that I love the Korean skin-care regimen. I’m far from being perfect here, but the good news is that the ice broke and I’m on the right path now. At least I made my skin care routine a three step system and I follow it obediently for the time being Smile

Today I’d like to talk about the product that made my toning step so enjoyable, that I don’t want to miss it as I did before.

So, it’s about the Yuza Double Lotion from the French-Korean high-end Erborian.

It’s embarrassing, but it’s probably the third lotion/toner I’ve ever used in my life…let alone double lotions that I didn’t even know existed. So, I purchased this product out of pure curiosity and thanks to my good experiences with the brand.

What do they promise?

A multibenefit lotion with two phases that work together to help bring radiance and nourishment to the skin.

I just could get how two phases (watery and oily) could work together, so I was so excited to try it out.


Now I suggest you read a little bit of theory and then move onto the practice bit of my review. So, let me start off by saying a few words about the main properties:


Outer appearance: The lotion comes in a compact transparent and yummy orange plastic bottle (I have a travel size).

It’s quality made and sturdy. Not a letter faded or wore off.

There was no paper package or any protective film. On the back you can find some product details and ingredients.

The cap opens and closes without fuss. By the way, there was also no tamper-proof lid or anything.

The pump is not included. The neck of the bottle is huge and the texture is watery, so it’s highly likely to pour out too much of it at a time.


Texture: It is watery, so it flows applying it to my hand. Also, it’s a little bit oily by touch due to the oily phase that is the first layer of the lotion. The second one is the water phase.




I was a little bit underwhelmed by the presence of some synthetic ingredients that can cause skin irritation right on top of the list. On the plus side, it has Yuza and hyaluronic acid that are great Smile


Scent: It’s an amazing, invigorating citrus scent that I feel when I, for ex., slice a lemon or an orange. It takes my breath away when I feel this scent.

Given that I’m not allowed to eat citrus at the moment, I fully enjoy this incredible scent Smile


Volume: 30 ml - travel size, 189 ml - full size bottle.


Country: made in South Korea.


Price: $36 for a full size option.


Now move on to my favorite part of the review and look at the performance of the double lotion.


A few words about my skin type:

I have combination skin, enlarged pores on my cheeks and nose, blackheads (widespread issue) and some occasional redness and irritations. In spring my skin becomes dehydrated and tight. I opted for the double toner to nourish and moisturize my lackluster skin.


The use

The directions:

-Apply morning and evening after cleansing with fingertips.

Easy-breezy! The only thing is to shake it up properly to let both phases blend with each other very well and form an even and smooth formula that looks like milk.

I thought that I would have to use this toner mornings only, because the bottle is so small, but I wanted to see the results as quickly as possible, so I was using it as recommended. It’s very easy to pour out too much of the product at once and it was an issue for me.

After I poured out about a third of the bottle, I got the hang of it and was more cautious and careful about it.

The lotion distributes on my skin perfectly and glides over it so well. It doesn’t make my skin dry or taut. To top it off, it doesn’t burn my skin or make it irritated. It absorbs quickly without leaving any oily or icky film.


How far does it go?

If you use it carefully and sparingly, it will last you about 3 weeks at least, even if you use it mornings and nights.

Even after I spilt a third of the bottle, I’m sure it will suffice for another two weeks for me.


My results:

My skin breaths after application and feels so refreshed, energized and radiant. My blackheads become lighter and my pores narrow.

I never thought that a toner alone can improve my skin like this!

Only lotion
Only lotion

Overall, this lotion is great for everyday use and amazing as a final product in cleansing. Moreover, it preps my skin for a cream really well, so I never miss the toning step now. I learnt how important it is in my skincare regimen.

I use this lotion along with the Erborian Ginseng Milk and now I can hardly recognize my face in the mirror. My complexion looks healthy, moisturized and luminous. The main thing, however, is that taut and dry feeling I had after winter disappeared.

The Erborian Yuza Lotion + Erborian Ginseng Milk
The Erborian Yuza Lotion + Erborian Ginseng Milk

What are my final thoughts?

The Yuza Double Lotion is a godsend for my skin and now I regret I hadn’t tried it earlier. My skin feels invigorated and radiant from the inside out after use.

It matched my skin tone perfectly and didn’t cause any dryness or irritations. It neither clogs my pores nor leaves any disgusting icky film behind that so many lotions leave. Also, I’m sold on the scent, because it’s so divine and I’m hooked from now on. Oh, this celestial Yuza fruit!

However, the price gets me real. Although the product performs really well, I find it overpriced. But it’s high-end stuff after all, plus, it’s French-Korean, so we have to fork out more, if we want to get a quality product and such brilliant results.

I definitely recommend this lotion, but I advise you try the travel size first.

Thanks for reading!

See you ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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Irene B. recommends Erborian Yuza Double Lotion

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