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Written on Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Pros: amazeballs chocolate smell, beautiful packaging, makes my skin soft and smooth, natural ingredients, peels skin well, warms up

Hello readers!

I ordered this sugar scrub on

When it was time to choose a body scrub for me, I spend a lot of time surfing the net looking and eventually decided to choose this one. The rave reviews played their role to some extent but most of all I was guided by my intuition. I couldn’t pass by this temping name - Hot Chocolate! And for sure I was expecting that amazeballs smell.


The packaging is big and pleasant to hold. When you lay your eyes on the tub for the first time you may think that its volume is enormous. But all in all the size of the content is 260ml which is a lot I guess since the product goes a long way.

On the bottom of the the jar, they put all the product info. The jar looks simple, yet beautiful at the same time. I think it’ll flatter any bathroom shelf.

One of the advantages of the product is the presence of the protecting inner liner under the top cap. I guess it’ll make the product last longer and stay fresh.

I’ve heard of the Giovanni brand before and read a lot of rave reviews of their products and naturally I wanted to try out their products myself as well. But this scrub exceeded all my expectations.


As for the consistency, I noticed that there are very small scrubbing particles which is great.

The scrub itself is viscous, goes a long way and doesn’t fall off the body when I apply it.

For me, the grain of scrubbing particles is very important in any sugar scrub. There are so many rough ones that I’m afraid will hurt my skin. But this product is different and its consistency is fine as well.

(I also don’t quite get the idea of those body scrubs with the consistency that reminds me of pieces of refined sugar floating in oils and perfume agents).

When it comes to this Hot Chocolate Sugar scrub we can see that they do care for its consistency and texture. They say that it suits any skin type and is versatile. I used it on my face and body as well and I confess that I like using it as a body scrub more.

When I apply it onto my skin I can feel how gently it warms up my skin by creating a gentle warming effect.

I can’t say I’m raving about this effect but only conclude that this effect is more winter-like rather than for hot summer when we all want to chill down.


I like the result this scrub shows on my skin. The only thing I’d like to pay your attention to is make sure to apply the scrub onto your wet skin, then the spending will be less and the scrubbing less rough.

After this procedure my skin is smooth, soft and velvety to the touch. I wouldn’t say that it’s dehydrated or anything or on the contrary supple or moisturized. After any body scrub, our skin needs moisture and nourishing. And this product isn’t an exception.

SMELLThe smell is a definite advantage of the product. I can’t describe to you in words how divine its smell is. It isn’t the pure chocolate smell, it smells more like chocolate cookies or chocolate muffins, divine! My whole bathroom and then home smell so great when I use this sugar scrub. This aroma lingers on my body for a few hours, while it stays in the bathroom for much longer. Now writing this review I somehow decided to associate the aroma of this scrub with cocoa rather than with chocolate.

If you’re on a diet, I guess it’ll be difficult for you to resist and not to eat some chocolate. Smile

Usage period: 4 months

OVERALL:All in all I want to conclude that in terms of price/quality correlation, this product heats all the 200%. It does its job nicely, has a pleasant smell and is made of natural ingredients. I presume it's a perfect gift as it’ll be fine even for the most finicky ladies as well as a great treat for yourself.

PRICE: $11.16 on iHerb and I saw it somewhere offline for $17.

Of course I can’t help but recommend this product. I’m sure to repurchase it, as it brings me into high spirits thanks to its divine smell and meets all my demands for sugar scrubs in its general characteristics like ingredients and consistency.

I hope you found my review informative! Have a good shopping day!

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Olgywwka recommends Giovanni Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub

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