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Written on Thursday, January 11, 2018
Personal information: 36 y.o., combination skin, fine lines, skin aging
Pros: looks amazing
Cons: doesn't deliver on promise, hefty price, ingredients

I’ve heard a lot about the GLAMGLOW brand, especially about their GRAVITYMUD mask, but the reviews I read were so controversial that I refused the idea of purchasing the full-size option. I didn’t want to feel disappointment and regret the money I would’ve spent on it.

Then the company launched the limited edition Power Rangers in green (Rita Repulsa) and gold (Goldar). On the Sephora website they retail for a bargain price of $21 instead of $34 each for 30 ml. $21 is always better than $34, right? Smile

The package also comes with a sample of a classy GLAMGLOW GRAVITYMUD mask in gray.

To be honest, this metallic glow, bold statements about sexy skin, limited editions in various shades, compliments like ‘Hello, sexy’ and claims about the brand being very popular among celebrities is nothing but a smart marketing ploy for us, women and girls who dream of looking like Princess Leia at least and like a Queen at most Smile

GLAMGLOW managers made it marvelously and worked off every dollar. Bravo! Smile

Well, enough with praising, as the product itself is very mediocre.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients, paying special attention to the the beginning of the list, i.e. to the active ingredients:

Alcohol, Glycerin, Hamamelis Extract, Canadian Colloidal Clay, Althaea Officinalis Leaf Extract and many chemicals, which are actually in the majority.

According to the internet, hamamelis helps reduce skin aging and increase collagen production. It improves skin tightness and ensures an anti-inflammatory effect.

Althaea soothes skin and eliminates breakouts.

So, it’s a gel-like product with a medium-thick texture. The smell is nice and reminds me of vanilla. It applies and distributes on skin quite easily. It tingles slightly when applying to the areas with some breakouts or irritations. I guess it happens due to the alcohol content. I don’t feel any particular sensations while the mask dries out on me, which takes about 20-30 minutes. The mask peels off effortlessly.


This is the very case when you don’t know if anything happened at all and what should have happened actually, because nothing changed neither visually nor to the touch Smile

I think that this mask does have an anti- inflammatory effect, but the thing is that I don’t have any particular inflammations, so I can’t say anything about it.


Unobserved. Well, I didn’t really believe in the miraculous powers of this mask. Although hamamelis has antioxidant properties, I don’t think it can penetrate into deep layers of my skin, let alone increase the collagen production. I believe that people haven’t yet discovered such a magic wand.

Overall summary: You can achieve the lifting-effect safely only by cleaning, moisturizing, nourishing your skin and making exercises for your facial muscles. Plus, a healthy diet and a lot of water, surely. Collagen injections, thread lift and plastic surgery are other options, which are not safe, but effective. There are no in-betweens Smile

If you still want to add hamamelis and althaea to your skincare routine, there are more affordable options available. I don’t recommend the GLAMGLOW GRAVITYMUD mask, as I believe it isn't worth splurging on. Don’t buy the hype! Smile

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CaliLife doesn't recommend GLAMGLOW GRAVITYMUD™ Firming Treatment Power Rangers - Goldar Facial Mask

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