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Written on Monday, October 9, 2017

…:::★☆★ Hi! …:::★☆★


I’m looking for a perfect face wash for my problematic skin. During this year my skin is breaking out severely and now I’m not studying different reviews of moisturizing creams and face washes that promise to release me from all my skin imperfections any more. I’m only looking through the reviews of the products for problematic skin type.

I knew about the La Roche-Posay brand before I bought the Effaclar foaming gel, as I had already had a micellar water and facial cream by this brand. Well, I was quite happy with the effect those products provided me with, so I decided to give the Effaclar gel a go too.


…:::★☆★ My skin is breaking out because of my hormonal imbalance, so even the most effective product may not show a 100% result on me.


…:::★☆★ Effaclar Foaming Gel …:::★☆★

Product details

Oily and sensitive skin.

EFFACLAR Gel gently purifies the skin thanks to cleansing agents selected to respect sensitive skin.

It eliminates impurities and excess sebum while leaving the skin clean and fresh.

With soothing, anti-irritant La Roche-Posay thermal spring water - pH 5.5 - Soap-free - Alcohol-free - Colorant-free - Paraben free.



Size: 200ml

Price: $15



The texture is gel like, colorless and transparent. The gel doesn't come out of the tube very well so I need to press it a lot.



The aroma isn’t pleasant for me. The first time when I opened the tube I heard a potent chemical aroma. I don’t know why but I associate it with FAIRY liquid dish soap. I wasn’t actually happy to wash my face with the product that smelled like that. But later I figured out the the aroma faded once I lathered the gel in my hands. With the time passing by I even stopped paying attention to the aroma at all. Now, I absolutely do not care about it, I just ignore it.


Use and results

There are several ways to lather the gel. And experience shows the results will also come up different. The gel is rather difficult to lather into rich and thick foam so to do that you need to know some hacks:


Option #1:

Lather a small drop of the product in your hands with A LITTLE BIT of water by rubbing your palms.


That way you’ll get bouncy foam which will be bubbles free. I find this option good and even like washing my face with it BUT it is difficult to rinse off the face then. After washing, I feel that my skin isn’t squeaky clean.

Option # 2

Lather some gel with a help of a net with A LOT OF WATER

The foam is lightweight and when it touches my skin it feels like an emulsion.

After washing this way I don’t feel that my skin is clean, even though the skin feels squeaky.


Option #3 (the most beneficial):

Foam the gel with a net and A MINIMAL AMOUNT OF WATER:

This way the foam is bouncy soft and small-bubbled. I find this way the best for my skin BUT the bubbles burst quickly. So don’t take too much time to apply the foam on your face. The most pleasant for me here is that the gel starts working immediately, I mean my skin is felt squeaky clean within a few seconds after I apply and spread the foam over my face.

Before and after the washing (my pimples inflame)
Before and after the washing (my pimples inflame)


I like the squeaky effect as only it can guarantee that the product works and does its job properly. Honestly I wouldn’t say that the gel is as gentle as they claim.

After washing, all my imperfections (even those which were almost invisible) inflame and become red. The reddening disappears in an hour. It’s difficult to guess how sensitive skin will react.


My skin feels good after washing. It isn’t tightened or dehydrated yet it needs moisture. My skin looks matte and clean. The pores are even and dirt-free.


The only thing I actually don’t like at all is that after I wash my face with this gel my skin gets tingling no matter what product I apply on it. I understand that it’s a sign of the gel working deeply in the pores yet the feelings aren’t at all pleasant. Or maybe that’s a sign of something else? I don’t know.


And the main question is “How does the product work with acne?”


Actually NO HOW! I haven’t noticed any positive or negative reaction here. I can see that the gel dries my pimples a little bit but it doesn’t affect their healing. If a pimple is about to appear (before the X day or hormonal imbalance) then it will appear anyway.


The gel is aimed at working with oily skin and problems that are connected with bad skin care. My problem is different, here I need to treat it from the inside, so it’s obvious that no gel will help me.


But honestly I can see the result of this gel working if paired with the Effaclar DUO cream. This is how my skin looks after 5 months of using these products:




The gel is extremely economical. I usually wash my face with it before going to bed (and sometimes in the morning as well) and one tube last me 6 months!




…:::★☆★ Overall …:::★☆★

I recommend buying this gel as deep cleaning is always good. But if you want to get rid of pimples, then pair it with the Effaclar DUO cream!

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Gwen recommends La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser

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