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Written on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Hey Kitties!

I love using various facial masks, especially night time masks.

I love the idea itself: you sleep, the mask works.

The pros of a nighttime mask:

  • Applies like an ordinary cream

  • Transparent and often gel-like texture

  • Undetectable on skin

  • Works the whole night, which is 6-7 hours

  • Doesn’t need any extra washing off, as the mask can be removed in the morning during your daily routine.


I’ve tried the moisturizing Laneige mask a few years ago and now I always have it in my makeup bag. No other product moisturizes my face like this.

For what skin type?

  • normal and prone to dryness skin

  • dehydrated skin

  • dry skin without visible peeling

  • combination skin without heavy inflammation


What skin is it NOT suitable for?

  • skin with breakouts and visible irritations. This mask may have a negative impact on clogged pores

  • extremely oily skin

  • extremely dry skin with dry patches


The appearance and texture

This product has a gel-like texture with a slight and not off-putting smell. It is available in a full-size and mini versions. The full-size comes with 70 ml and the pot is made of glass. It’s a little bit pricey due to a heavy packaging.

The mini option comes in a plastic pot with 15 ml and costs around $3-4.


I love using this mask in winter and spring, when my skin is dry because of wind, frost and heating systems, plus it lacks vitamins.

Everything is good when used regularly!

I apply this mask every 3-7 days before going to bed. It depends on my skin condition.

The most important thing is not to waste the moment when this mask will be effective!

If you apply the product to cracked, dry and rough skin, you won’t probably see any difference, because you need a heavy nourishing cream. When your skin is only beginning to peel and feel taut, this mask is exactly what you need.


What does this mask give me?

  • My skin doesn’t have peeling in winter

  • No taut or dry skin. It looks healthy

  • In the morning my face is baby soft Smile


The mask neither clogs my pores nor irritates my skin. I love using this mask along with an essence from the same brand.

This mask goes a really long way. It lasts a few months using it every 3 or 7 days.


I guess it’s all for today. I recommend everyone try the Laneige sleeping mask.


˙·•●♥Thanks for reading my review! See you! ˙·•●♥

(\__/) .

(=’.’=) .

E[:]|EXO|[:]З .



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EXO recommends Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

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Type: Facial Mask
Brand: Laneige
Category: Skin Care
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