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Written on Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Pros: doesn’t clog pores, hydrates and mattifies normal skin, makes my skin smooth and silky to the touch, no oils to the ingredients, quality and price
Cons: doesn’t give enough hydration to the dry skin

❁❁❁ Hello everybody! ❁❁❁

Deciem The Ordinary brand has become extremely popular on the internet recently. They offer products for customers who know exactly what their skin needs. Moreover, they offer good price tags and nice ingredients and components.

I want to share my thoughts on this product which is called the Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA cream

Size: 30 ml

Price on the official site is 5.80

What’s Natural Moisturizing Factor?

Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) are elements that keep the outer layer of the skin protected and well-hydrated. NMF are made up of multiple amino acids, fatty acids, triglycerides, urea, ceramides, phospholipids, glycerin, saccharides, sodium PCA, hyaluronic acid and many other compounds that are naturally present in the skin.

This formula offers non-greasy hydration that acts as a direct topical supplement of impaired NMF components. It contains 11 amino acids, phospholipids, alpha/beta/gamma fatty acids, triglycerides, sterols and sterol esters, glycerin, ceramide precursors, urea, saccharides, sodium PCA and hyaluronic acid. It offers immediate hydration and lasting results with continued use.

The manufacturer claims that the product comprises of the following components:

11 amino acids, phospholipids, alpha/beta/gamma fatty acids, triglycerides, sterols and sterol esters, glycerin, ceramide precursors, urea, saccharides, sodium PCA and hyaluronic acid.


I find it very good with two exceptions at the end of the list which are the preservative agents, and you should be careful with them if you have very sensitive skin.

There are no oils or silicones in the ingredients!

I love moisturizing creams that don't have any oils. I guess those who have oily skin will also appreciate these ingredients.

Just think, the product can give all the needed moisture to your skin and not to clog your pores at the same time.

Consistency-wise it’s a rather thick cream that is fragrance-free. I want to advise you to rub a small amount of it in your palms and only after that apply to your skin with dabbing motions.

As first of all, dabbing your palms over your skin won’t ever stretch it. And secondly, following this technique you are sure to apply an even layer of the product all over the face.

The cream doesn't leave any oily traces on my skin. Moreover, it makes the complexion look matte, unless you have oily skin. If I take proper care of my skin it looks normal and only by the evening my forehead can show some oily sheen. If I use this cream, nothing of the kind is noticed by the end of the day.

After use my skin looks smooth and it’s silky to the touch. Of course if you have noticeable skin relief then it’s useless to believe that this product will immediately even it out. You see, it doesn’t affect the relief but only gives a pleasant silky and smooth feeling. I guess you understand what I mean.

In general this cream is very pleasant and it feels like it really creates an occlusive layer on my skin sealing all the water inside preventing it from evaporating. So, I thoroughly recommend you to apply the product over a hydrating or nourishing face serum. That way I’m sure that you’ll see better moisture of your skin.

This isn’t a product for very dry skin especially for winter time.

In the morning I apply this cream over a serum and in the evening I apply some more moisturizing products or mix this one with an oil.

!!! In the end I can say that this cream is for normal and oily skin. If you have dry or aging skin, then I can advise you to mix it with an oil. I like the occlusive layer it creates. The cream can easily be used as a makeup primer because makeup applies and holds up well over it.

Don’t forget to rub it in your hands before application.

I assess The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA cream with 4 stars as I expected more moisture from it. But it’ll be perfect for summer!!!

I recommend you to give it a go, especially for such an affordable price!

+++ I hope that you liked my review and found it informative! +++

∼∼∼ See you soon! ∼∼∼

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solnchulik recommends The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA Cream

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