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Written on Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Pros: good moisture, pleasant scent, wrinkles evening out

I’m a fan of patches. I just adore them! This is why once I saw these patches in one of the e-shops, I didn’t take long to order them! Now you can buy them everywhere.

The price was about $20. This is a good price for a Korean product, I think.

I have to say that this Marine Racoony Hydrogel Eye & Multi Patch is my first patch by Racoony. I don’t know why but I’ve never tried the classic golden or rose patches by the brand. Maybe because of the inconvenient shape that they have (But still I ordered them, despite the inconvenient shape of the patch they have, I’m still interested in the result they’ll show).

So, the raccoon looks very cute, there wasn’t any chance for me to resist. Smile

So, here’s the hero of my review - the green racoony! Smile

Guys, I don’t even know why I’ve taken so many photos of the package from all the sides. Honestly there isn’t any necessary info on it for me. I don’t speak Korean.

Here it’s very easy to guess the manufacturer country. The product is made in Korea, which is logical. And I also guessed the weight of the product (90g) and amount of patches (60).

Well, I like this side most of all. Here you’ll find directions for use and the list of ingredients in English.

In the reviews I used to notice that they wrote that the pack of patches must be used within 2 months after opening. But here, I guess it’s 12 months. This is wonderful, though, on the other side, I really doubt that for a year of use these patches will still stay wet and won’t dry out. But, you know, I’ve got no desire to find out this is why I use this patches every day. Smile

In the box there’s a standard plastic round container with a screw on top.

Under the cap there was a protective seal which prevents patches from drying out and leaking.

And here, after the seal I saw the inner liner which was made of plastic. This is the very first time I saw so many protective liners and seals in one package. Usually they opt for one of the options and I always had to keep the box as there wasn’t any place to store the spatula then. I never want my spatula to lie about somewhere in the house as it’s totally unsanitary, I think.

But here, the process is absolutely different. I use the product the following way. I take the spatula to scoop out a patch, then I place the spatula under the lid and that’s all. I can’t see any point in keeping the box anymore. Smile

The green Marine Racoony patches have a very convenient shape which really makes them pop out of the entire collection of patches by the brand.


It’s very pleasant, fresh, unobtrusive and perfume-like. In general I can say that the smell wasn’t a problem for me at all. On the contrary, it was very pleasant to open the jar every morning.

All in all, once the product was delivered and I used it for a couple of times, I already had a huge desire to write a review of these patches, aka look how green they are! Smile

But still I decided to try them out thoroughly and only after that - write a review. Here are the photos to prove that I’m not joking and that I didn't jump to conclusions. Smile:)Smile

Alas, I’ve already used my pack with the patches. I even had to put aside my other patches by SNP. Here’s the comparison photo of the patches. As you can see, the shape is absolutely identical.

Here’s the product info from the official site:

  • Contains fish collagen, kelp, chlorella, carob bean, and other various natural ingredients.

  • Skin-susceptible hydro-gel adheres tightly to the skin and quickly conveys the ample moisture.

  • Soft jelly texture vitalizes the dry and tired skin with elastic 24K gold and marine complex.

  • Dissolve the patch in hot water to use the solution as a skin moisturizing and soothing essence.

As for the last point, I can say that I haven’t tried to use the patches this way. I have my toner, so there wasn’t any need for me to dissolve the patches just for the sake of the experiments.

Yes, guys, this is the way I like to apply the patches on my face with the wider part closer to my nose. I find it more convenient and I like the way they look then. Smile

The patches are very soft, thin and resilient. (though I have to say that there are softer patches, which I’ll make a review of later). I don’t know the reason but the patch on my left eye used to fall out all the time. Maybe there’s some asymmetry of my face? Or the left part of my face is too gliding? I don’t know but only within 5 or 7 minutes of wearing, the patch became more steady on my face.

Impressions of use

I guess the photo will show you all the results better.

Honestly, I wasn’t impressed with the photo at all. Well, I could see the result in the mirror and I was really happy with it but the photo doesn’t show it at all.


- the products gives good moisture to my face

- it enlivens my look

- it has a pleasant scent

- it pleasantly cools my skin (I kept the jar in the fridge!)


- the product does nothing about puffiness

- the result doesn’t last long


It seems that the product doesn’t give any long-lasting effect, yet at the same time I can see that for 6 months of using the patches (not only these ones but also by other brands), I can see that my under-eye skin has become more hydrated and moisturized. Of course the result that is in the photo won’t last long, but in general the skin hydration is something more long-lasting that they offer. Smile

The bottom line

Undoubtedly I can recommend these patches for purchasing. And I’m more than sure to repurchase too! But only after when I give a go to other products by different brands! ;)Wink


Stay always beautiful! Smile

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