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Written on Thursday, May 10, 2018

Hello everybody!

My love with the Korean cosmetics has started with the Gold Racoony Patches by Secret Key. It was my first Korean product. After I’ve tried them out, I quickly understood that I’m in love with the Korean brands forever.

Since then, I’ve turned into a shopaholic who buys everything Korean. I’ve been using the Korean skin care products for two years now and, you know, I’m very delighted with the way my skin looks and feels. Currently I can say that I cooled down and stopped buying everything Korean that I see on my way. I’ve become wiser and buy less cosmetics now.

In my beauty stash there are always patches here, as they immediately help me to make my under eye area look better. The Gold Racoony by Secret Key are the most popular patches out there and I can remember those days when they hit the internet. About a year ago, the Secret Key brand decided to go further and released their new patches which were called Pink Racoony and are infused with rose extract. But now, a year later, we can see the Secret Key Marine Racoony Hydro-Gel Eye & Multi Patch.



Product info:

A multi-purpose hydrogel patch promotes deep hydration that lasts originated from marine complex.

Safe to use as 99.6% of its ingredients are derived naturally.

Can be applied to on dark circles, dry skin near lips or forehead.

Price: something about $14

Amount: 60 pcs


The package looks the same as of the previous “racoonies”. It’s a screw on jar which was initially placed in a cardboard box with a funny picture of a raccoon on it. The only thing that's changed is the background of where the raccoon is standing. This time, it’s placed among the seaweed.

The patches are placed in an air-proof plastic jar.

The top part of the jar is actually the plastic top cap with the picture of the raccoon again.

Opening the jar, we’ll see the double protection here. They sealed the patches as well as placed the inner liner to make the spatula for scooping out stay inside too.

Let’s continue and take off the lid and here they are, the patches themselves:

They are richly soaked with an essence. They are literally swimming in it. The jar if absolutely filled with the essence.

For a long time I used to buy the patches by Koelf just because of the convenient “droplet” shape they have. And now, I’m utterly happy that the Secret Key brand has also released their new patches of the same shape.

The patches are of a bright green color which I associate with seaweed. When I look at them closer, I can see thousands of sparkling tiny golden particles in the hydro gel. Probably this is the very gold the manufacturers talk about in the ingredients.

The list of ingredients:

The patches are made of hydro gel.

Also, there are many more skin-friendly components like: sea collagen, Jeju seaweed etc.

The product is rich in components that hydrate, nourish, enliven, smooth, rejuvenate and enlighten the skin, like:

hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract, green tea extract, tangerine, rose extract, chamomile, pomegranate, tea tree extract, eucalyptus, soy and many others.

How to use:

Adjust skin texture after cleansing.

Take 1-2 patched using a spatula and spread on desired areas.

Remove it after 20-30 minutes. Pat light with remaining essence.

It’s thought that we apply patches only to our under eye area, though this is not actually true. You can apply them everywhere, like - fine lines, between your eyebrows, anywhere you want.

Here’s a picture from the official site (this is why I hide it in a cite) with the areas where the manufacturer advises to apply the patches.

If you ran out of your toner, don’t be too quick to run and buy another one, as you can dissolve a few patches in hot water and use this collagen infused toner enriched with a lot of wholesome extracts.

This is how the process of the patches turning into an essence-toner looks like:

My experience with the Secret Key Marine Racoony Patch:

My skin isn’t aging yet, but still I’m a little bit worried about my skin dryness, especially under my eyes, this is why I use the patches only there.

I scoop out a patch with a spatula which was provided along with the jar. The essence always flows down it, as the patches are drained with it. And I apply it to my under eye. This is how it looks.

Right here I want to draw your attention to the bright green color they have. We’ve already gotten used to the golden, pink, white and even black patches, though green is something new, indeed.

The patches are gliding and they always want to glide off my face, this is why I usually have to place them back into place. Within a few minutes the patches start to sit better and it feels as though they are glued to my skin. Thanks to this tight adherence, the essence sinks in the deeper skin layers better. This is the moment when I can forget about them and keep on doing what I want.


Right after the patches application, I can feel that pleasant cooling effect on my skin. And I clearly feel how my skin under the patch becomes less irritated and evened out. I usually wear them for about 30 minutes or an hour. Within that time the patches become thinner and drier as they nourished my skin with all the essence that had.

I also want to say, I notice that my under eye skin looks less dark and I don’t know why. Maybe this is all because of the nourishing components, or maybe because of the whitening effect they have.

In general I can say that after I’ve become hooked on Korean skin care, I’ve noticed that my under eye skin has become less dark and in general the skin color looks brighter there.

After taking the patches off, my skin is super supple and it looks thick and nourished. I like how fresh and enlivened my under eye area looks. These patches fight puffiness nicely. My skin is moisturized and I don’t even have to use an under eye cream after that.

I use the patches two times a week, as they are sort of an eye mask for me.

I also use them before travelling or a special event, especially if I need to wake up early in the morning. This is where the patches are great express little helpers.


These patches are amazeballs! They really work as they give good moisture to my skin, they make me look fresh and well, they deprive me from puffiness and of course they make my skin glow.

The shape is really convenient as it covers a very big part of my skin. And of course I can’t help mentioning the green color that really brings me into the high spirits. The scent of the Marine Racoony is also fresh and pleasant.

In my opinion the “green” Raccoon has out-done all the other patches by the brand with its effective components and better shape.

Even though I know that the golden and green racoony patches are fabulous, I still want to try the pink version as well. Smile

Thank you everybody for your attention Smile

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Sofiebeauty recommends Secret Key Marine Racoony Hydrogel Eye & Multi Patch

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