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Written on Monday, October 22, 2018


I think many girls dream of an hourglass shape and small waist that makes hips appear bigger and make the figure in general more feminine.

Training girdles are one of the most popular ways to lose inches off your waist. In this review, I want to share my experience of wearing such a girdle.

The Internet is full of celebrities wearing such girdles and corsets and claiming that these can reduce your waist size.


And it’s real.

First of all, you can’t overeat when wearing this.

Second of all, since lower ribs are more flexible, constant wearing of a girdle can bend them a little bit and therefore change the body shape.

To achieve this, you have to wear the girdle everyday for 6-8 hours. It’s like with dental braces: be patient.

Are corsets truly so harmful?

Tight corsets are harmful by no means because they can cause problems with internal organs as well as future childbearing (like it was in the middle ages) Modern girdles, however, as softer and don’t squeeze your ribs so tightly. You can even bend to lace your shoes.

I had experience of wearing a classical corset with boning, and my hips felt numb - maybe because of the lack of oxygen because the corset squeezed some blood vessels. Plus I got a rash over my body. The price is too high.

How I felt wearing this girdle:


When I put it on for the first time I thought “why didn’t I buy it before”? I didn’t believe such a girdle would be effective but I was wrong.

Its main advantage is that the hooks are on the front side and it’s easy to button up. Yeah, at first it was hard to put this on my torso, but that’s the thing. The girdle tightens up the ribs and makes my waistline tinier. At the same time, I could bend over. This girdle can be used during a workout.

Yes, maybe I’ll need more time to achieve the desired effect but I have no difficulty wearing it for a few hours a day. As they say, slow and steady wins the race.

The quality is top, all seams are perfectly done. Great combination of durability and flexibility!

The outcome:

I wear the girdle for 6-8 hours a day when I feel that I’ve gained some weight in the stomach area. My goal is not to change the body shape - I doubt it’s a good idea.


I’ve been wearing this since May, not regularly.

Now a few photos without the girdle.

Be careful when choosing a girdle, don’t buy a fake!

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