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Written on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

When I was in a shopping mall, I entered the electronics store and saw this BLUETOOTH SPEAKER! I was hooked right away. It’s JBL Pulse 3. Let’s take a look all round, but be careful, you might get hooked too! Smile

The box and the contents:

The box is amazing.

On the front you can see a close-up of the speaker. The picture is a little bit opalescent as the speaker itself.

Also, here we can find the JBL logo and the name of the product.

Upon rotating the packaging clockwise, we can see a red picture with the name: ‘Sound you can see’, that describes it precisely.

The gadget ensures an amazing light show.

On the back we can see three JBL Pulse 3 speakers with the JBL Connect+ sign that means that the speakers can be connected to each other. 2 and even 10 speakers may be linked!

It works up to 12 hours and has 360-degree audio system that creates a light show. Moreover, it’s waterproof and has a microphone.

To open up the box, pull the tag. The box is held closed by magnets, which is amazing. I’d like to keep the box as a souvenir.

Inside there is a quality picture of a Holi festival, which means that the speaker is meant for youth. It’s bright and so cool!

Upon opening the inside paper packaging, I can smell it. It reminds me of the smell new Apple products have. Amazing!

The speaker is in a protective shipping package on the right and on the left there is another shipping package. Everything is so thoroughly thought out. Well, it contains the power adaptor, quick start guide and the Micro USB Cable. All accessories are orange.

Let’s take a look at the speaker itself. Here it is:

Let’s turn it on. Perfect!


The use is very simple. You can find 7 buttons and a battery charge indicator consisting of 5 points each representing 20% of charge.

The buttons on the right are to control the music. You can make it louder or softer. Each action is followed by a sound and light show.

The speaker turns on in a fascinating way too. The light comes from the bottom to the top emitting a specific sound when it’s ready.

The process of turning off is the same.

The buttons on the left:

  • Bluetooth pairing

  • JBL Connect+ for connecting it with the other JBL Bluetooth speakers

  • A dedicated button with the ‘sun’ that means it is in light mode.

The app

You can also control the speaker via an app (JBL Connect on the App Store and Google Play.)


Here, you can pair a few Bluetooth speakers and control the light show and its colors.

You can adjust the color either with the help of a color range or with your camera: you just take a picture of any object, choose its color and the speakers enables a light show with this color.


Some reviewers complain about the bad bass quality and the sound that sucks. But it’s not true. The speaker for almost $200 ensures an amazing sound quality.

Well, it’s up to you, but I personally recommend you try this Bluetooth speaker.

My cat also loves it. :з

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boomeranger recommends JBL Pulse 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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