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Written on Monday, June 4, 2018

💎 Tiffany & Со:

Tiffany is renowned for its luxury goods and is particularly known for its diamond and sterling silver jewelry. Tiffany markets itself as an arbiter of taste and style.

💎 Price: $130

💎 Size: 30ml

💎 Package:

I bought the perfume packed with the branded turquoise TIFFANY box. The bottom part plays the role of a stand here. The upper part is the opening cap.

Let’s open the box. Inside the box you’ll find a cut-glass bottle, which really looks like a gem. Oh, this is all about the luxurious Tiffany style. This bottle alone is already a gem for my vanity! It looks very sophisticated, expensive and just perfect. There’s even nothing to add from me.

А fragrance for women introduced to you from The House of Tiffany, with noble iris at its heart. Tiffany & Co. Eau de Parfum is as exhilarating and inspiring as love itself. The eau de parfum is bold, provocative and completely unexpected, an iconic identity stripped to its core. The new artisanal fragrance unleashes the essence of the brand in all its purity, just bare skin, a scent, a touch of jewelry and one iconic color.

The spray works perfectly well and the product comes out in teeny tiny droplets. The perfume itself is absolutely transparent and a tad oily to the touch.

💎 For whom:

In my opinion this fragrance is for young ladies, who are light and very feminine. This product will be great for you if you are romantic and into adventures all the time. For the girls who are smart and modern, as well as for those who live in their own world and have their own opinion about everything! The fragrance is absolutely feminine-like.

A sparkling floral-musk scent designed around a precious blue iris, unexpected and timeless.

💎 Season:

I think that this perfume will be nice for spring and summer seasons. In general it can also be worn in winter of course. As for the fall, well, I’m not so sure. I can’t associate this perfume with the autumn vibes.

💎 About the smell:

I know that a lot of people say that this perfume isn’t long-wearing, but I take it as its own piquancy. This perfume just doesn’t have any chance to make me feel fed up with it and I always want to reapply it. There’s some luxury in it, isn’t there?

Style: Floral

Notes:- Top: vert de mandarine

Middle: blue iris

Base: musks cocktail.


Style Name: Tiffany & Co

💎 Perfume conception:

This modern, artisanal scent, with the noble iris at its heart, is as exhilarating and inspired as love itself. Personalize this bottle with custom engraving to make it the perfect gift.

The first notes that I feel are: freshness, romance, lightness and seriousness.

Mandarin > iris > patchouli > musk.

At first the aroma is rather bright, yet still fresh. It isn’t chasing or potent. The perfume leaves lightweight, barely noticeable floral sillage. It’s exactly what I adore about it…

This perfume creates a romantic atmosphere around me. The atmosphere of fresh nature. Light haze and summertime coolness, cuddles my body with a gentle and warm current of the air. Fresh mandarin… This is exactly what I gravitate towards. This perfume is like a Christmas Eve in the summer evening! Yes, this is what I see about it.

Absolute romanticism with a hint of seriousness and no note of naivete. Isn’t that a perfect combination?

This is all about my chic Tiffany perfume…

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beelinebee recommends Tiffany&Co Eau de Parfum

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Brand: Tiffany&Co
Category: Fragrance
Gender: For Women
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