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Written on Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Pros: beautiful packaging, men like it, quite long-lasting, reasonable price, stunning design, sweet, the scent is pleasant and delicious, unusual, unusual black water
Cons: no

Hello people!

This review would be much more suitable for Halloween time, I think!Smile

It’s not such a usual occasion to meet a black perfume and in such a beautiful design!

I want to say from the beginning that I’m not a great fan of Lady Gaga and I was interested in her perfume only.Smile


The Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid was released in 2012. It was great news for me! Besides, it was extremely difficult to find the description of the real perfume pyramid.

Advertising campaign.

It’s started long before the perfume itself appeared on the market. On the pages of different magazines there were photos of Gaga with crawling little men on her body. The interest was heated by the Gaga herself, claiming that the perfume would smell of blood and semen. Moreover, it would be her own blood.

When they started selling this perfume in our city, I immediately wanted to test it.

I liked the black perfume which turns transparent on the skin. It was sweet, floral and interesting.

The price wasn’t very expensive, I bought 30 ml and absolutely didn’t regret it.

The bottle…

It looks like an egg with a black liquid inside. It’s not very sophisticated, but quite freaky and unusual. It seems to be simple, but on the other hand, it’s impossible to take your eyes off it, so you just find yourself staring at these claws and black liquid inside. Smile

The pyramid of the perfume:

The composition of the scent combines the notes of atropa belladonna, tiger orchid, incense, apricot, saffron and honey.

So, I can say that there’s no pyramid at all. And all that happens thanks to the technology of push-pull. With its help, the fragrance is transformed every time and gives out one or the other composition of the basic notes. That’s why the perfume is unpredictable and interesting, each time giving out something new.

Feelings and emotions…

I liked this perfume very much.

Surprisingly for me, this is the only "celebrity" perfume I tried which has an expensive and rather original scent. On the body it always plays differently. Sometimes I can smell a clear floral fragrance, then suddenly it becomes a sweet confectioner's.

I’m absolutely sure that there is a sillage. It’s so nice and pleasant.

I was very surprised that there are notes of incense ... I don’t like the incense in fragrances, they really repel me. But in this perfume I don’t mind it.

You absolutely shouldn’t worry about the light clothes, as the liquid won't spoil it. As it was stated by the manufacturer, the perfume becomes colorless once leaving the bottle.


So, I wasn’t upset at all! It’s a really decent perfume for the money it costs! It’s like Gaga herself - unpredictable and non-standard.

I recommend it. Smile

Thanks for your attention! Smile

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Cherryblossoms recommends Lady Gaga Fame

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Brand: Lady Gaga
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