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Written on Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Pros: interesting design, reasonable price, unusual black water
Cons: not lasting, too simple

Hello all the perfume lovers!

In my review today I want to tell you about my impressions of the Lady Gaga perfume with a modest name Fame.

General information:

release 2012

The pyramidal structure of the perfume combines notes of atropa belladonna, tiger orchid, incense, apricot, saffron and honey.

I’m not very good at telling the notes of the perfume, but most of the time I can smell only one or two leading notes. In fact, they promise each time the perfume will open up differently, because of push-pull technology.

I don’t know anything about other people, but on me, it always opens up the same, with apricot and honey notes. The first note is somewhat sweet and bitter, and then somewhat floral. A bit later I can smell it very little and again the same apricot and honey, but a little bit lighter and more incomprehensible.

The perfume isn’t lasting. In four hours or so, it completely vanishes from my skin, though usually all other perfumes I can feel till the very evening.

And now a few words about the bottle. Smile

It’s quite outrageous and unusual - I like it. It catches the eye and, moreover the black liquid inside makes me believe that the fragrance itself should be if not provocative, then at least bright. But actually, it's only a simple fruit liquid with no lasting power.

If you like to feel the fragrance on you skin all day long, you’ll have to take the bottle with you then.

Among the whole collection of my perfumes Fame isn’t very popular, I use it very rarely. When, in the evening, I think about what perfume to wear tomorrow, I hardly ever would think of Fame. Usually I wear it while walking or shopping, but in general, I’m not impressed by it. The perfume is pleasant, and nothing more.

Honestly, I think that this product will be suitable for those who love “heavy” fragrances (the thing is in the way it opens up, which is rather logical in case of any perfume).

And the unusual design of the bottle will bring some charm to your perfume shelf.

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Brand: Lady Gaga
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